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By Okbima 11 Jan 2024 9

Health Insurance for Pregnancy 2024 - Covered & Not Covered

  Health insurance for pregnancy and birth is a crucial aspect of comprehensive healthcare coverage. It provides financial protection and support to expectant mothers by covering the costs ass…

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By Okbima 09 Jan 2024 6

Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme 2024 – PMJAY Scheme

  Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme, also known as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) Scheme , is a government initiative in India aimed at providing healthcare coverage to economic…

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By Okbima 12 Dec 2023 11

Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio 2023 [Updated]

  Health insurance claim settlement ratio is an important parameter for individuals seeking health insurance coverage. It refers to the percentage of policyholders' claims that are success…

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By Okbima 11 Dec 2023 6

Tax Benefit of Health Insurance Plans In India

  Health insurance tax benefits are incentives provided by the Indian Government to encourage individuals and businesses to purchase health insurance Plans. These benefits aim to make healthca…

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By Okbima 09 Dec 2023 8

What is Copay In Health Insurance?

  Do you want to know “What is Copay in Health Insurance In India?” Copay in Health Insurance refers to the out-of-pocket amount that an individual is required to pay for cert…

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Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans In India
By Okbima 08 Dec 2023 7

Super Top-up Health Insurance Plans In India

  Super top-up health insurance plans in India are an additional layer of protection that individuals can opt for, to ensure comprehensive coverage for medical expenses. These plans act as a s…

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By Okbima 04 Nov 2023 10

Best Family Health Insurance Plans in India 2024

  The Best Family Health Insurance Plans in India offer safety for your loved ones, ensuring that their medical needs are met without financial worries on an individual or floater sum insured …

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By Okbima 19 Aug 2023 6

Family Floater Health Insurance Plans India 2024

  Family floater health insurance plans are comprehensive health insurance policies that cover the entire family under a single sum insured. These plans provide coverage to all family members,…

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Best Health Insurance Companies in India 2024
By Okbima 26 Jul 2023 31

Best Health Insurance Companies In India 2024: CSR & Network Hospitals

  Choosing the best health insurance companies in India can be challenging. There are a total of 28 health insurance companies in India that cater to individual health insurance need…

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Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India
By Okbima 11 Jul 2023 6

Best Cancer Insurance Plans in India 2024 : Coverage & Sum Insured

  A cancer insurance plan is a specialized health insurance policy that provides coverage specifically for the expenses related to cancer treatment. According to the World Health Organization …

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Best Health Insurance in India
By Okbima 19 Jun 2023 59

Best Health Insurance Plans in India 2024: Coverage, Network Hospitals & CSR

  In India, healthcare costs are increasing regularly.  Having the best health insurance plan is essential to protect yourself and your family from financial burdens in case of a medical …

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How Much Health Insurance Do You Need in India?
By Okbima 12 Jun 2023 5

How Much Health Insurance Do You Need in India?

  Life is unpredictable. Therefore anyone can get sick or injured at any time. Due to the rising healthcare expenses in India, medical insurance has become more necessary than a choice. Due to…

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