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Car insurance or four-wheeler insurance is a type of motor insurance policy where the vehicle owner is covered against losses caused due to theft, accident or any other damage (per terms and conditions). As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, section 145-164, buying third-party motor insurance for all vehicles moving on the road is compulsory. According to the guidelines of IRDA, a cover of up to Rs.7.5 Lakh is allowed if death occurs due to any adversity. Read more


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In today’s times, the cost of everything is skyrocketing. It is not easy for anyone to invest a significant amount in a new article immediately. That’s why insurance plays an important part in your life. A few benefits that can be advantageous for every vehicle owner are :

Decreased financial burden: APay now and save later is the key benefit. For any futuristic expenses, you are safe. For example, motor insurance helps you in covering costs against theft, accident, or damage from any natural occurrence. Also, you can get reimbursement for repair charges. You can use cashless services at a large number of garages throughout the country which are linked in a network with the insurance company.

Loss of vehicle: In case of loss of vehicle you have to submit a copy of the FIR and a ‘No Trace Certificate’ from the police department. Although you will not get the price of the new car but the IDV for the car if you buy a car insurance policy.

No Claim Bonus: If do not claim for any coverage during the policy's tenure, the next time you renew it, you automatically get a discount due to NCB and the policy becomes cheaper and affordable.

Third-party liabilities: Coverage for third-party liability is included in your four wheeler insurance policy in the event that your car damages another's property or injures a third party. You are protected against any legalities by your car insurance provider if you are responsible for the injuries or deaths of others.

There are two types of four-wheeler Insurance. According to your needs, you can buy the policy that fulfils all your requirements.

Third-Party Insurance: This is basic insurance coverage that is required by all four-wheeler owners. There are various benefits of such a policy:

  • Financial assistance: Coverage is provided against third-party liabilities such as injuries, death or any mishap involving the insured vehicle. It lessens the monetary burden of the policy owner. You can easily buy a car insurance policy online.
  • Protection Layer: In case of accidents, the insurance company pays the claim after a survey is conducted where the appointed surveyor examines the expenses incurred due to the mishap. The motor insurance policy provides you with a safety net.
  • Affordable premium: The amount of premium is minimal in a motor policy and the coverage is vast.
  • Available Online: One can buy motor insurance after a comparison online from any website. All the major insurance provider companies are providing this type of standard plan.

Comprehensive Insurance: For a layman, it is a type of motor insurance policy that covers you for a repair or replacement. It covers the vehicle owner from theft, damage caused due to falling of objects, fire and natural calamities. The key features are:

  • Pays for repair caused other than collision.
  • Several add-ons can be done, unlike third-party insurance. Key protection, engine protection, Zero depreciation, NCB protection.
  • Covers the benefits of third-party insurance by default.

There are some exclusions also which are not included in comprehensive policies:

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • If any damage is caused when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Damage is caused in the case of an invalid driving license.
  • Resultant loss
  • Depreciation or any type of wear and tear

Additional Riders

If you feel that the motor insurance is not covering all of your needs then you can opt for add-on benefits provided by insurance companies. It can enhance your insurance policy with increased strength while giving you more benefits.

  • Zero depreciation Cover: Every machine gets old with time and usage. Its value gets depreciated. Whenever a policyholder files a claim for his vehicle, the amount is received after the deductions are done according to the terms and conditions of the motor insurance policy. If this add-on is taken along with the policy, no depreciation will be charged and the whole amount will be received by the person insured. One thing to note is those compulsory and voluntary deductibles will be applicable even with no depreciation cover.
  • Consumables Add-on cover: As the name suggests, this addition gives you coverage for the basic needs of a car like air-conditioner gas, greasing, engine oil, break-oil, oil filter, nuts and bolts, screws, etc. These necessities can cause a hole in your pocket and moreover, they are not covered under the standard motor policy but it is necessary as they increase the age of the vehicle.
  • Roadside Assistance cover: This kicks in as soon as you move on the road. This cover gives you all the benefits in case of a flat tyre, towing to a nearby garage, on-site repair, loss of keys and sometimes fuel delivery also.
  • Engine-protection cover: An engine is the most important part of any machine and the same is the case for the car. This add-on covers expenses incurred during an oil spill or water intrusion that results in a mechanical or electrical breakdown of the engine.
  • Return to invoice Add-on: In case of total damage or any constructive loss, the policyholder is entitled to get the full invoice price of the insured car.
  • No claim protection Cover (NCB): Last but not least, NCB can claim in the second year if there is no claim filed by the policyholder during the policy tenure. It is a type of discount offered to the customer for safe driving and following all the traffic rules and regulations. As soon as you claim, the bonus becomes zero. With this add-on, you can retain this bonus.

Type of Motor Insurance Policy: If you are opting for a comprehensive policy, then the premium will be higher as the benefits are more. With standard third-party insurance, the premium will be on the lower side as it provides basic coverage.

  • Car Model, Make and variant: The premium of the motor insurance also depends on the car model and its variant. Along with that the design of the car also matters like how rough and tough it is. Luxury Cars will have a higher premium and that premium will also vary with the top model having more premium than the basic model.
  • RTO: The registration of the car is also a determinant of the premium for the insurance providers in our country. The registration is done according to the locations which are subdivided into

Zone A

Zone B

All the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad fall under Zone while the rest of India falls under Zone B. The premiums of vehicles registered in Zone A are higher as compared to Zone B.

  • Age: The age of the policyholder matters. A higher premium is computed for young drivers. It is a belief in insurance companies that young drivers are more engaged in rash driving and they care a lot less in comparison to the older drivers who have a better road sense, the experience of driving and are a little more responsible.
  • Claim took: Your claim history also is a question of concern. If you have taken more frequent claims, then the premium will be higher as you were paying less attention while driving. But if you have taken no claim, then the NCB kicks in. In short, this discount is awarded for safe driving.

After looking at the factors, one can try and reduce his or her premium by just keeping a few points in their mind while the car goes on the road:

  • Installation of a safety device: Devices like safety alarms, steering wheel lock, gear lock and GPS help you from thefts. All these devices are for your safety and save you from incurring expenses on your vehicle. Besides, these devices are not very expensive, everyone can afford them and get a lower premium for their motor insurance policy
  • Discreet choice of add-ons: While add-ons are important, they add up to your premium affecting your pocket. Make a choice wisely and keep all your expectations in your mind when choosing the add-ons. Enhance your policy judiciously.
  • Refrain from filing small claims: Drive carefully and avoid getting into mishaps as can save yourself time and money. Small claim fillings annul your no-claim bonus, thus you end up paying more.

All in all, you should and you have to buy the policy. Your life is precious and so are the things that you are so attached to. Take good care of yourself and your car. Buy the policy as soon as you buy the car. It is for your better future and saves you from incurring unnecessary expenses. Buy motor insurance online from the comfort of your home with the least problems. See you soon on for your most affordable and transparent policy.

FAQ's about Car Insurance

Why is car insurance policy needed?

Car insurance for third parties is mandatory - All vehicles in India must be insured, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of India. You must obtain third-party liability coverage as a car owner.

It protects you from paying a traffic fine - Driving without car insurance is punishable with a charge of Rs.2,000 under the new Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. If you are caught for the second time, you will be fined Rs 4,000.

Provides coverage for the owner-driver at the time of a personal accident- The automobile insurance policy covers injuries to the registered owner-driver while traveling in the car or even while entering or exiting the car for a total of Rs. 15 lakh.

Covers vehicle damage-The car insurance policy covers the charges of any damage to your vehicle caused by accidents or natural disasters.

It compensates the loss of a stolen car- If your automobile is stolen and not recovered, the policy will compensate for your loss.

What are the types of car insurance policy?

Car insurance policy are of the following types:
Third party cover: In the event of an accident, the policy guarantees to compensate exclusively for the damages caused to a third party.

Comprehensive coverage: The policy provides comprehensive coverage against damages. It covers damage to you and your vehicle, as well as damage to a third party and their vehicle, if any.

Accident coverage: In the event of a collision, the policy solely covers financial losses to your car.

What are included in car insurance policy?

The Car Insurance Policy includes the following: -
Legal safeguards

Accident insurance protects you from unanticipated financial losses if your car is involved in an accident.

Coverage for damage to a third party caused by an injury or a loss of property.

Theft, self-ignition, explosion, fire, strikes, rioting, terrorism, and natural disasters are all covered.

Coverage for personal injuries

Optional extra benefits that you obtain by having riders Ability to maintain the value of your car

Is it possible to pay car insurance costs in instalments?

The car insurance premium cannot be paid in instalments. Section 64VB says that car insurance coverage cannot be provided unless the company obtains full payment of the amount on or before the policy start date.

What can I do to lower my insurance premiums?

Here are some suggestions for lowering vehicle insurance rates.
Purchase only the coverage you require: Consider purchasing the coverages that will be beneficial to you. When it comes to vehicle insurance, don't buy everything.

Correctly set Insured Declared Value: Make the IDV roughly equivalent to the car's current market value. The premium will rise as the IDV rises.

Get No Claim Bonus (NCB): You may be eligible for a discount if you install an anti-theft device.

Renew on time:: If you don't renew your insurance coverage on time, your premium will go up.

How is the cost of car insurance calculated?

When calculating car insurance premiums, many criteria are taken into account. The following is a list of those elements:

Engine cubic capacity: The price of an insurance coverage is determined by the cubic capacity of your vehicle's engine.

Make and Model: When it comes to calculating car insurance premiums, the make and model of the vehicle is crucial.

Car insurance policy type: A complete insurance coverage costs more than a third-party insurance policy.

IDV: The Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the foundation for car insurance premiums.

NCB:The amount of No Claim Bonus (if applicable) is used to calculate the vehicle insurance discount.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my car insurance policy?

Yes, you can terminate your car insurance policy if you haven't filed a claim in the existing policy year. Your policy return will be computed on a pro-rata basis. However, make sure to have your car insurance coverage active at all times.