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Health Insurance TPA of India
By Okbima 01 Mar 2024 3

Health Insurance TPA of India: Role, Benefits, & Its Work

  Health Insurance TPA of India plays a crucial role in the health insurance industry by acting as a third-party administrator. It provides services such as processing and settling health insu…

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By Okbima 26 Feb 2024 11

Preventive Health Check-up and Its Benefits

  Preventive health check-ups are crucial for early detection of health issues, promoting overall well-being. Regular screenings aid in identifying potential problems, enabling timely interven…

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By Okbima 22 Feb 2024 9

Health Insurance Portability in India 2024

  Health Insurance Portability in India allows individuals to switch their health insurance policies without losing the benefits under the previous policy. This initiative ensures that policyh…

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By Okbima 15 Feb 2024 17

Government Health Insurance Schemes in India 2024

  Government health insurance schemes in India provide affordable healthcare services to millions of citizens. These schemes aim to ensure access to quality healthcare facilities and services …

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By Okbima 12 Feb 2024 9

Cost of Stem Cell Transplant in India 2024

  The cost of stem cell transplant in India varies depending on several factors such as the type of transplant required, the hospital or clinic chosen, and additional medical procedures or tre…

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By Okbima 08 Feb 2024 16

Hair Transplant Cost in India 2024 - Fue & Dhi Hair Transplant

  In India, hair transplant cost for 2024 is expected to remain competitive as the demand for the procedure grows. Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) and Dhi (Direct Hair Implantation) methods a…

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By Okbima 01 Feb 2024 9

Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in India - IRDAI Approved

  The top 5 health insurance companies in India, approved by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in 2024, include HDFC ERGO Health Insurance, Acko Health Insura…

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By Okbima 29 Jan 2024 60

Bypass Heart Surgery Cost in India 2024

  Want to know the Bypass Heart Surgery Cost? In 2024, India will continue to be a leading destination for affordable and high-quality medical care, particularly in bypass heart surgery. The c…

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By Okbima 25 Jan 2024 9

Waiting Period in Health Insurance - Complete Guide 2024

  A waiting period in health insurance is a specific period of time that a policyholder must wait before certain benefits can be claimed under a health insurance plan in India. It is usually i…

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By Okbima 22 Jan 2024 6

How Many Types of Health Insurance Plans In India?

  There are many types of health insurance in India such as individual health insurance, family floater plans, group health insurance, and many more. These different types of medical insurance…

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By Okbima 18 Jan 2024 63

Cost of Open Heart Surgery India 2024 - Types & Success Rate

  The cost of open heart surgery in India can vary depending on the type of open heart surgery, age, location, and the surgeon's experience. However, the financial aspect of this surgery c…

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By Okbima 16 Jan 2024 5

Health Insurance Maternity Cover & Not Cover 2024

  Health insurance maternity cover provides financial protection for expectant mothers and their newborns. It typically includes coverage for prenatal care, hospital stays, childbirth, and pos…

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