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does group health insurance cover infertility
By Okbima 11 Jul 2024

Does Group Health Insurance Cover Infertility? Alternative Insurance Options

Many companies in India offer group health insurance, which provides medical coverage to employees under one policy. However, coverage for infertility treatments is often not included in standard grou…

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freight insurance
By Okbima 04 Jul 2024

Freight Insurance: Meaning, Types, Difference & Factors To Consider

Freight insurance protects businesses and individuals shipping goods against financial losses due to damage, theft, or loss of goods during transit. There are different types of freight insurance, inc…

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d&o insurance
By Okbima 27 Jun 2024

D&O Insurance Vs General Liability Insurance: Features & Importance

  D&O Insurance (Directors and Officers Insurance) and General Liability Insurance are two different types of insurance for businesses. D&O Insurance protects directors, officers, and sometimes emp…

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export import business in india,
By Okbima 20 Jun 2024

Export Import Business In India: Why Insurance Is Necessary In 2024?

  Export Import Business In India helps to grow the economy and creates jobs by selling textiles and software abroad and buying necessary items like oil and machinery. Government programs like Make…

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corporate health insurance
By Okbima 13 Jun 2024

Corporate Health Insurance: Types, Advantages And Disadvantages

  Corporate health insurance is a benefit offered by many companies to their employees. One of the main advantages of a corporate insurance policy is that it provides coverage for medical expenses,…

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 types of fire insurance
By Okbima 16 May 2024 179

Types Of Fire Insurance Policy In India 2024: Meaning, Types & Coverage

  Fire insurance policies are essential for protecting individuals and businesses from financial losses due to fire-related incidents. In India, there are many types of fire insurance policies…

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Healthcare Professionals Registry
By Okbima 09 May 2024 464

Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR): HPR ID, Benefits & Registration Process

  The Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) makes healthcare administration easier in India by giving medical professionals unique IDs (HPIDs) & it is an initiative by the Indian Governm…

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product liability insurance
By Okbima 04 May 2024 136

Product Liability Insurance Policy: Covered, Not Covered & Claim Process

  Product liability insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage for businesses if their products cause harm or injury to a consumer. Damages related to bodily injury, property damage…

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gmc vs gpa insurance
By Okbima 25 Apr 2024 152

GMC vs GPA Insurance: Differences, Coverage & Which Is The Best?

  GMC and GPA Insurance offer different types of coverage and benefits. While both provide insurance for various aspects of life, including health, motor, and home insurance, there are key dif…

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endorsement in insurance
By Okbima 11 Apr 2024 166

Endorsement In Insurance 2024: Meaning, Types, And Examples

  The endorsement in insurance is a modification or addition of specific terms, conditions, or coverage to an existing insurance policy. It is beneficial for policyholders who may need to make…

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section 37 of income tax act
By Okbima 04 Apr 2024 195

Section 37 Of Income Tax Act: Expenses Allowed & Not Allowed As Deduction

  Section 37 of Income Tax Act allows deductions for calculating taxable income. It establishes which business expenses can be subtracted from gross revenue, ultimately reducing the tax burden…

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principle of subrogation in insurance
By Okbima 28 Mar 2024 183

Principle Of Subrogation in Insurance: Meaning, How It Works & Types

  The principle of subrogation in insurance plays a crucial role in the industry, influencing how claims are handled and resolved. Let’s find out the meaning of subrogation, how it opera…

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