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Secure your future against recession, inflation, and financial emergencies with the best investment plans from Okbima in a gradual but flexible manner.

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Our investment strategies are designed to help you in achieving financial stability and make the most out of your income. From raising awareness and educating people about different plans to giving a quote on investment premiums, our company deals with multiple services simultaneously. Not only that, but you can also utilize our platform to compare, buy and claim your plan with us.

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Compare Investment Insurance Plans Online

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What is an Investment Plan?

An investment plan is a financial plan where you save money in specific schemes or instruments. An interest is levied on the capital deposit or the outstanding balance in the investment account in a particular frequency that increases the total amount, thereby making the investment profitable. It helps your money to grow in a systematic manner over a long term, like 3 years or 15 years. As a result, investments can help save money for the future.

There are different investment plans one can choose from in India, like:

Why Choose an Investment Plan From Okbima?

okbima is the one-stop solution to all your Retirement Pension Plans queries.

  1. At okbima, we offer the best investment plan in India to everyone, from individuals working in different companies to students and self-employed business people.
  2. We have a consistent claim settlement ratio of more than 90%, offering the best services to our clients and helping them meet their financial emergencies through early claim grants and faster procedures.
  3. Our investment plans help us to portray our empathy for our clients, whether it is in terms of helping their money grow or offering guidance at every step of the investment.
  4. We encourage and maintain transparency with all our clients, ensuring they are notified about each and every action taken on their investments.
  5. okbima also offers a versatile list of investment instruments, both with low and high risks. So, our clients have the independence of choosing the best plan according to their convenience.

What Are The Types Of Investment Plans?

We offer the top investment plans to our customers at Okbima. Life insurance investment is one of the most popular plans because it guarantees financial coverage for several years. We also have short-term investment plans with a three- or five-year lock-in period of 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years. Apart from this, we also provide low-risk and high-risk investment options.

Low-risk investment

As the name suggests, these investments are associated with lesser risks, thereby allowing investors to draw maximum gains. These investments offer reliable and steady monetary growth over a certain period. In addition, our clients get a larger maturity sum with almost no losses from the involved risks. Some of the best low-risk investment plans are:

High-risk investment

These investments are associated with high risks, which is why the gains are not steady and reliable. However, if you want to make more profits from your investment, these schemes and instruments will be the best option. Some of the most popular high-risk investment instruments are:

How To Select The Best Investment Plan In India?

  1. To select the best investment plan, you need to look into the investment schemes and their features.
  2. Based on your risk tolerance caliber, you have to decide whether you want to invest in a scheme having low or high risks.
  3. Also, while comparing different investment plans, do consider the ones with higher returns. This will help you to grow your money easily and ensure the maturity amount is comparatively more than the initial invested amount.
  4. You need to check the lock-in period and ensure you are compatible with the same because you won't be able to access your funds unless and until the lock-in period is over.
  5. Apart from this, try to invest in multiple plans to create a diverse portfolio. This way you can reduce the risks and ensure gains from at least one source of investment.

Why Buy an Investment Plan Online?

With our online investment policy, people can get quote estimates from the comfort of their houses. Moreover, they can consult with our experts online without having to wait in a queue for a long time. Besides, they can also check various investment plans we offer and make a well-informed decision.

How Does Work Investment Plan?

The one-time investment plan requires the capital fund for once, and then the interest will be levied either in the form of a simple or compound rate for the entire investment duration. In the case of monthly investment plans, we ask for the deposits to be made every month, and a special rate will be levied to calculate the interest that our customers will get.

Benefits of a Good Investment Plan

With a good investment plan, our customers can grow their money and ensure their funds are utilized appropriately. In addition, the investment plan will also ensure they can have higher returns on the funds initially deposited during the investment policy's start. Some of the prominent benefits of an investment plan are:

  1. Higher returns: Most investment plans come with a higher return rate, which means the added amount on the principal is pretty high.
  2. Tax benefits: There are investment plans that can offer taxation benefits up to INR 2 lakhs under Section 80C of the Indian Tax Act.
  3. Emergency funds: Investments will help you to meet any financial emergencies later on in the future without having to take credit.
  4. Rider benefits: You can also add several supporting or add-on benefits to the investment plan that doubles as life insurance, like critical illness benefits, waiver benefits for premiums, and more.
  5. Loan: As an investor, you can get a loan on the investment as it will serve as collateral for the debt.

Who Can Purchase Investment Plans?

Anyone with a salaried income or a consistent flow of money every month can buy an investment plan online from Okbima. In addition, they need to be more than 18 years of age and provide their address and ID proof. Once we verify the identity, the income source, and the ability of the applicant to maintain the investment, we move forward with the plan.

What Is The Right Time To Buy The Best Investment Policy In India?

The right time to buy the best investment plan with high returns in India from Okbima will be as early as possible, especially when the interest rates are higher. This way, the returns will also be higher on the investments, even if there is inflation or recession later on before the investment term ends.

Documents Required To Get Online Investment Plans

To take our online investment plan, we will require a list of major documents. These are:

If the person doesn’t have any valid address proof, the following documents will be accepted.

For income proof, you can submit:

What Factors Affecting Investment Plan Premiums?

Several factors affect the premiums of our best investment policy. For instance, short-term investment policies have higher premiums than long-term plans. Similarly, if our customer chooses an investment plan with higher risks, the premiums we charge are higher to balance the risks associated and vice versa.

How To Buy Investment Policy Online?

If anyone wants to buy an investment plan online, they can come and visit our online website. We have a quote form where they have to fill out the details like the total number of years they want to invest, the premium or capital investment to be made, and the type of investment plan chosen. Once we provide the quote and the customers are satisfied, we will make the investment policy.

How to Calculate The Best Investment Policy Premium?

To calculate the premium for the best investment plan from Okbima, you can fill out our quote form with all the necessary details. Once we receive the quote, we will calculate the premium based on the investment plan type, the years you invested, and the current interest rate.

Ask Our Experts

How Can I Pay for an Investment Plan Online?

Our customers can easily make payments for the investment plan they have chosen from Okbima through UPI. They can also set automated payments where we will deduct the premiums monthly or based on the frequency chosen from the concerned bank account. We also receive payments through debit and credit cards.

Investment Plan Premium Payment Options?

We have several premium payment options at Okbima, from credit card to debit payments. Apart from this, we also have UPI and electronic wallet payments for the premiums of the investment plans. In addition, automated amount deduction from the bank account is a new option we have added to our list to make payments easier for our clients.

Key Features of Top Investment Plans

How Do I Save Tax with an Investment Plan?

With Okbima, our customers can save tax with the investment plan based on Sections 80C and 80D of the Income Tax Act of India. However, the maximum amount of tax an individual can save depends on the chosen investment plan, the customers' income source and slab, and other attributes.

How Will Your Family Receive the Investment Plan Claim Money?

If we receive any investment plan application with a nominee or another joint holder, their families will receive the investment amount upon raising the claim. We need a proper reason for the claim and will process the same based on several conditions.

Investment Plan Riders

Enhance your investment plan with the help of a rider benefit. At Okbima, come and consult with our legal advisors to know more about how these riders work and the changes in the premiums. Following are some of the rider's benefits for an investment plan.

  1. Accidental rider plan: It allows raising a claim on the death of the policyholder in any unforeseen accident.
  2. Critical illness rider: If the policyholder is diagnosed with any critical illness like heart attack, paralysis, stroke and more, the additional cover will provide the medical funds.
  3. Permanent disability benefit rider: It allows financial help to policyholders who suffer from a permanent disability.

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Investment Insurance FAQs

Because the funds in a ULIP are tied to the stock market, their performance is directly influenced by the stock market. As a result, the performance of each ULIP is determined by the market.

The following are the benefits of the policy: -

You get a secured source to invest your funds

You get to choose the number of years you want to invest for

You are able to make goal-based investments

You get maturity benefits on surviving the term of the policy

In case of the death, the nominee receives the death benefit and hence the family is financially protected during the most unfortunate times.

The premium paid for investment insurance plan is eligible for tax deduction U/S 80C and 10(D) of Income Tax Act.

You are able to get a secured loan against the corpus built by you through investment or the surrender value of the policy at that point of time

You need not put your funds at two different places. Single source fulfils your investment as well as insurance needs

The amount paid as premium as well as yield on the investment made can serve to fulfil the retirement needs of the policy holder

In case, the policy holder does not want to continue with the plan, he can opt to surrender and receive the surrender benefits, however it can be done after a specific period or as defined by the insurance company of your investment plan

Investment Insurance plans are safer because they guarantee returns even if you live longer than the policy term. Your nominee would get the sum promised if you died tragically before the conclusion of your insurance term.

There are a variety of tax-advantaged investment and insurance plans, such as ULIPs, where tax assets can claim benefits for the amount invested. An individual is entitled to a deduction under sections 80 C and 80 D of the Indian Income-tax Act for investments made or premium payments made under an insurance plan.

Investment and insurance plans are personalised investment routes for an individual with the goal of creating a disciplined and periodic investment in various funds in order to reach their long-term financial goals, as well as some insurance coverage.

Here are a few of the best investment insurance policies on the market in India:

Unit Linked Investment Plans (ULIP)

Guaranteed Return Plan

Money Back Plan

Monthly Income Plan

Participating Endowment Plan

In an investment strategy, there are two types of funds: equity and debt. An equity fund offers large rewards but also comes with a high level of risk. A debt fund is more steady, less risky, and provides moderate but predictable returns.

Equities and large-cap mutual funds are two investing options in India that have the potential for high returns. However, before participating in these investment plans, you should talk with your financial advisor and request their assistance in investing and managing your investment portfolio.

Paying premiums for an investment plan is as simple as it gets these days, as all you have to do is come to our website and pay the premium online. If you want to pay the premium in cash or by check, you can do it at our office.