Erection All Risk Insurance: Compare, Buy, Renew, & Claim

Erection All Risk Insurance is a comprehensive policy that safeguards against damages during the construction of a project. This insurance covers a variety of hazards like fire, theft, accidental damage, and more, regardless of whether the infrastructure is a building, bridge, or another type. To ensure you make the right choice, compare different policies, considering coverage, premium, and claim settlement process.

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When you've found the right one, you can easily buy or renew the insurance online. In case of any unfortunate incidents, promptly file a claim and provide the necessary documents for a hassle-free settlement. Stay protected with Erection All Risk Insurance!

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Employers' legal liability under the Workmen's Compensation Act of 1923 and the Fatal Accident Act of 1855 is covered by the Workmen's Compensation Insurance policy.

What Is Erection All Risk Insurance?

The Erection All Risk (EAR) coverage is an insurance policy that protects you when installing machinery or equipment in a factory or office. It protects you from any losses or damages that can happen during the installation process.

This policy is important since it protects your finances if something goes wrong and results in delays or additional costs. The protection for this insurance starts when the materials are unloaded at the construction site and continue until the job is completed and handed over to the main client.


Feature & Benefits Of Erection All Risk Insurance

There are extra things you can add to the policy based on what your business needs. Also, the benefits of the policy last for the whole time the project is insured.


Why Do You Need Erection All-Risk Insurance Policy?

You can benefit from

Erection All Risks Insurance policy

in the following situations:


Coverage for all physical damages: Under this coverage, the policyholder is allowed to claim any reported material damage or loss that happens during the installation procedure.

Protection during test runs and maintenance: If there is any damage to the property while doing test runs or performing maintenance, the policy will cover such situations.


How to choose the best Erection All Risks Insurance policy?

There are a few important factors to consider when selecting the finest Erection All Risks insurance policy:

Sum Insured: It is important to obtain adequate coverage so that you are protected if something goes wrong.

Right Coverage: Make certain that the policy you select covers all you require. This implies it should protect you from any potential threats.

Hassle-free claim Process: Look for an insurance carrier that makes filing a claim simple. This way, if something happens and you need to use your insurance, the process would be simple and quick.

Compare insurance from various insurers: Compare policies from various insurers in the market. It will be useful to know what features the policy offers so that you can choose the best one for you based on those features.


What Does Erection All Risk Insurance Cover?

The things erection all risk insurance covers are:

  1. Property Damage
    The insurance policy will cover any broken, lost, or destroyed property, excluding some items that are not covered. The policy also pays for the cost of cleaning up and removing the debris.
  2. Third-Party Liability
    If someone else's property is destroyed or injured, Okbima's coverage will cover the costs. This includes items like structures or objects, as well as when someone gets harmed or killed who is not an employee.
  3. Compensation
    If someone sues and wins, they can get money back for their legal fees. However, this is only possible if the insurance company first agrees to it.
  4. Comprehensive Cover
    The policy covers financial losses that occur while working on a construction project. This includes things like constructing and testing.
  5. Covers the entire project
    The person who has the policy can use it for the entire time they're working on the project. This means that any damages that occur between the time the materials arrive on site and the completion of testing and commissioning will be paid for.

Who Needs Erection All Risks Insurance?

The insurance policy can be purchased by the ones mentioned below:

Owners of the company or factory
People who own a business or a factory need to get the Erection All Risks coverage. This is important since they will be responsible for any damages that occur during the installation. It's a good idea to put the policy under their name.

Manufacturers and Suppliers
The people who produce and supply the machinery are also able to purchase the insurance plan. This will be useful if there is a problem with the installed equipment.

Workers who are hired to install the machinery in the office or factory can also buy the Erection All Risks insurance.

If any subcontractors are allocated by the contractors to execute a certain work linked to installing the machines, they can also get the policy.


How To Renew Erection All Risk Insurance In India?

To renew erection all risk insurance in India are:

Contact your insurance provider: Reach out to the company that issued your Erection All Risk (EAR) insurance policy.

Gather necessary documents: Collect important documents like your policy number, renewal notice, and identification proofs.

Check your policy: Understand your current policy's coverage, terms, and conditions.

Fill out the renewal form: Complete the form provided by your insurance provider precisely.

Make payment: Pay the premium amount online or by other accepted payment methods.

Submit the form and payment: Send your insurer the completed form and the payment confirmation.

Await confirmation: Wait for a confirmation message or email saying that your policy was successfully renewed.

Keep the documents safe: Keep the updated policy paper in a safe location for future reference.


How To File A Erection All Risk Insurance Claim?

To file an erection all risk insurance claim, read the given points below:

  1. Write a letter to the insurance company right away, explaining what happened and how horrible it is.
  2. Try to keep the harm as minimal as possible.
  3. Keep the things that got damaged and let the insurance company look at them.
  4. Provide the insurance company with all requested information and documents.
  5. Inform the police if anything is stolen.

To get the money you need, make sure you fill out the form right. If you provide the wrong details, they may refuse to pay you. You should also notify the insurance company as soon as possible so that they can send someone to inspect the situation. Don't forget to send in all of the documentation they request on time.

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FAQs About Workmen Compensation Insurance

The Erection All Risk (EAR) insurance protects a contractor or employer against physical loss or damage to contract works, construction plant, equipment, or machinery.

Any form of loss/damage caused by faulty design, poor craftsmanship, or defective casting material will not be covered. Damages resulting from nuclear reactions, radiation, or radioactive contamination will not be covered.

Yes. By paying an additional premium, the Erection All Risk Insurance Policy can be extended.


No, these are non-refundable policies.