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Welcome to our Okbima website, where you are able to easily explore the world of travel insurance. Travel insurance is our easy claims process ensures that you're taken care of. Protect yourself from unexpected medical expenditures, travel cancellations, or lost possessions. Start your stress-free adventure today! smart decisions and ends with priceless memories.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a sort of insurance that provides financial protection if something goes wrong while you are traveling. It ensures that you are protected against a variety of unexpected events.

Depending on where you're going and how frequently you travel, you may quickly evaluate various insurance and pick the one that best meets your needs.

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What Are The Types Of Travel Insurance In India?

There are many types of Travel Insurance such as

  • International Travel Insurance

    An international travel insurance policy protects your cash in the event that you lose your checked-in baggage, or passport, or require additional lodging during your trip. It protects you from unexpected expenses. Furthermore, when acquiring an overseas travel insurance policy, you have the option to choose additional coverage, such as protection against house theft, for an additional cost.

  • Family Travel Insurance

    Family travel insurance policies protect you against a lot of worries while traveling by covering the loss of your passport and luggage. medical costs. If you are wounded on your trip or need to see a doctor while on vacation abroad, the cost of the doctor's bill in a foreign nation might be fairly costly.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    For the protection of senior citizen travelers' journeys, there is a different category of travel insurance called senior citizen travel insurance. It's advantageous for people over 60 because it offers extra coverage and benefits like cashless hospitalization. It's like giving elderly people a special travel buddy.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance

    When visiting Europe's Schengen zone, you must have Schengen travel insurance. This particular travel insurance for Europe is created especially for that area and covers medical situations including hospitalization, COVID-19 crises, evacuation, and securely getting home. It functions as a safety net for your travels in Europe.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance

    The Corporate Travel Insurance plan offers complete security and includes protection for a variety of circumstances. It includes medical bills for diseases or injuries sustained while traveling, covers accidents that result in death or permanent disability, and even makes arrangements for medical evacuation if necessary. It serves as a trustworthy shield for business travelers.

  • Student Travel Insurance

    When studying abroad, a student travel insurance policy provides protection in the event of unforeseen accidents or illnesses. This insurance covers even costly dental treatments, ensuring that you are not financially burdened. It's similar to having a safety net for your health while attending school abroad.

  • Multi-trip travel insurance

    Multi-trip travel insurance, as opposed to single-trip travel insurance, is intended for persons who frequently travel on multiple trips. Travel enthusiasts who frequently visit new places find it to be quite helpful. Corporate travelers who frequently travel internationally for work-related reasons are also covered by multi-trip travel insurance. For people who go on frequent adventures or work-related missions, it acts as a trustworthy friend to ensure peace of mind.

  • Single-trip travel insurance

    The single-trip travel insurance plan offers financial security against unforeseen circumstances for just one journey, whether it is domestic or foreign. It offers protection for up to 180 days. It will still be regarded as one trip even if you visit various locations during it.

  • Domestic Travel Insurance

    It provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of events, such as missed or delayed flights, damaged or lost checked baggage, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, personal accident insurance, accidental hospitalization costs, personal liability, trip cancellation or interruption, child education bonus, and much more.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

  • Support in the case of medical emergencies

  • Reclaim flight rescheduling and cancellation fees

  • Replacement of lost or stolen luggage

  • Coverage for the entire family

  • Protection against personal liability

  • Safeguards your home when you travel

  • Stress-free stays and travel

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Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance Online?

Reasons to buy travel insurance online are:

No Agents Involved

No Agents Involved

When you buy travel insurance online, you avoid the need for a middleman. Instead, you can go to the insurance provider's website and decide wisely for yourself. These websites include a wealth of helpful information. You can get in touch with the help desk if you have any questions concerning travel insurance. You can estimate the premium you'll have to pay for the proper travel insurance coverage using online calculators.

Enjoy Convenience

Enjoy Convenience

With all of the things you have to do, such as packing and shopping, it might be really beneficial to be able to cross one item off your to-do list without leaving your house. There is no longer a requirement that you purchase travel insurance in the insurance provider's office. This implies you can save a lot of time. In an emergency, you can immediately obtain travel insurance online. Simply select the insurance plan you want and pay for it on the Internet. When it comes to payment, most insurance firms now accept debit cards, credit cards, UPI, and EMI. Also, you can select the option that best suits your needs.

Attractive Premiums are Offered

Attractive Premiums are Offered

There are numerous plans to choose from when purchasing travel insurance online. You can select the one that best meets your requirements and budget. Online travel insurance policies are typically less expensive than offline coverage since no commission is paid to agents or middlemen. Furthermore, the online approach has minimal administrative costs, allowing you to obtain affordable travel insurance premiums.

Faster Paperwork

Faster Paperwork is done

When purchasing travel insurance offline, several administrative duties are involved, such as filling out paperwork, entering information into the system, and calculating the premium. Following that, your representative will contact you to provide you with the entire cost of your travel insurance. However, you can avoid this lengthy process by purchasing your travel insurance online.



When purchasing travel insurance offline, you must visit various insurance company offices. But you save a tonne of fuel when you get it online. Unlike online travel insurance shopping, the offline approach requires a significant amount of paperwork. A soft copy of your travel insurance is just as useful as a hard copy. As a result, you conserve resources and have a lower environmental impact.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance In India 2024

Some major benefits of travel insurance in India 2023 are:


It protects you against losses during Travel

Travel insurance protects against missing baggage and lost passports. It compensates travellers for additional expenses incurred as a result of these accidents, ensuring their financial security.


It compensates medical expenses

Travel insurance is purchased to cover accident and medical care costs that may happen while travelling. In the event of an accident, dental or medical treatment, the insurance company reimburses expenses up to the set level. Some insurers provide a global network of hospitals for cashless treatment, and they also provide help to ensure that the insured individual has a pleasant experience. This is a big advantage of travel insurance.


It covers against changes to the trip itinerary

Unexpected occurrences during a trip can include sickness, abrupt changes to the plan, or cancellations by hotels, airlines, or travel agencies. Travel insurance compensates for these losses before the trip begins and also covers trip cancellation for a variety of reasons. However, the specific coverage may vary depending on the insurance product chosen.


It covers personal liability

Personal liability insurance protects you against third-party damage caused by the insured. If you cause any harm to a third party while travelling, especially if you are travelling internationally, this section of Travel Insurance will recompense you. Damage to people or property can be the subject of third-party responsibility. Depending on the goods, this personal responsibility protection could be different.


Features Of A Perfect Travel Insurance Plan In India

Some features of a travel insurance plan in India 2023:

Medical coverage It compensates for medical expenditures incurred while travelling if you become ill or injured.
Trip cancellation It allows you to receive your money back if you have to cancel or shorten your vacation due to unforeseen circumstances.
Baggage insurance It provides compensation for misplaced or delayed luggage.
Baggage insurance It provides compensation for misplaced or delayed luggage.
24/7 emergency assistance It offers round-the-clock assistance in the event of an emergency during your vacation.
Peace of mind A good travel insurance strategy guarantees that you have a safe and worry-free vacation.

What Does Travel Insurance Covers In India?

It's important to take a thorough look at all available protections before making travel preparations. These plans often cover a variety of topics to provide you peace of mind when travelling. Here is a closer look at a few important coverages to think about.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance offers protection in the event of terrible mishaps that result in demise, loss of a limb, or loss of vision. It's important to understand that this coverage differs from a life insurance policy in that it excludes deaths due to accidents, illness, or suicide.

Loss of luggage

Loss of luggage

In the event of loss, theft, or damage while you are travelling, baggage insurance covers the cost of your suitcase and other personal items.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

When you have a medical emergency that cannot be appropriately handled at the closest medical facility, this benefit will pay the costs of your medical evacuation. If necessary, it provides a transfer to another hospital or even your home nation. This coverage also includes the transportation of remains, should the tragic need occur.

Missed Connection: Providing for Easy Travel

Missed Connection: Providing for Easy Travel

Missed connection insurance protects you in the event that a common carrier's delay causes you to miss a scheduled excursion or cruise. To catch up with the tour or cruise at the following port of call, additional costs are covered by this fee.

Restoring Frequent Traveller Programmes: A Sigh of Relief

Restoring Frequent Traveller Programmes: A Sigh of Relief:

There's nothing to worry about if a trip you purchased with airline miles or hotel points is cancelled. This perk covers any fees related to transferring your rewards back into your frequent traveller account.

Why Buy Travel Insurance From Okbima?

You should choose to buy travel insurance from Okbima because



By using, you can save both time and money. You may easily compare travel plan prices given by several insurance companies using our platform, which may help you locate a more cheap policy. Furthermore, you will save time and energy by not having to contact various insurers.

24*7 Customer Support

24*7 Customer Support

Our customer service is always available, just like time keeps moving forward continuously. You can reach our customer support at any time by using our handy online platform. Experience an easy-going, open insurance process where your inquiries and worries are quickly addressed.

Expert Team Support

Expert Team Support

Our team of highly trained experts is devoted to helping you in choosing the best life insurance plan for your needs. You can rely on our in-depth knowledge and steadfast support as you start your road towards financial independence.


Things To Consider While Buying Travel Insurance

Important Things to consider before buying travel insurance To ensure thorough protection and a straightforward claims procedure, it's important to keep a few things in mind before purchasing travel insurance.

Carefully review the policy to understand what it includes and excludes. Don't presume that insurance will cover all possible losses. Try to get coverage for circumstances that happen frequently, such as COVID-19, medical crises, lost luggage or documents, and more.

Some precious objects, including jewellery or electronics, as well as specific activities, such as adventure sports, may not be automatically covered. Ask about add-on covers that are customised for these things or activities if your travel plans include them.

Claims Process
The claims process is the ultimate test for any insurance policy. Pick a reliable company with a reputation for quick and easy claim resolution. Consider reading social media posts regarding insurer experiences or seeking advice from insurance aggregator websites.

Pre-existing Condition Disclosure
It's important to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions when acquiring coverage. Failing to do so could render your policy void, leading to potential claim denials. Don't hide anything, be open and frank with any pertinent medical

Best Travel Insurance Plans by Top Insurance Companies

Here are a few reasons why you should purchase retirement planning:

Travel Insurance Companies Travel Insurance Plans
HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plan
  • HDFC ERGO Individual Travel Insurance Policy
  • HDFC ERGO Family Travel
  • HDFC ERGO Student Suraksha Policy
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Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Company
  • Individual Travel Insurance Plan
  • Family Travel Insurance Plan
  • Student Travel Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan
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Religare Travel Insurance Company
  • Asia Travel Insurance Plan
  • Africa Travel Insurance Plan
  • Europe Travel Insurance Plan
  • Explore – Worldwide Travel Insurance Plan
  • Worldwide Excl. US Travel Insurance Plan
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New India Assurance Travel Insurance
  • Suhana Safar Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy
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Documents Required For Buying Travel Insurance

Documents required for buying travel insurance:

  • Aadhaar card or other acceptable forms of identification.

  • Provide information about your travel plans, such as dates, places, and duration.

  • Give your birth certificate or student ID card as proof of age.

  • Provide medical history if requested and disclose any existing medical issues.

  • Keep emergency contact information ready.

  • Show proof of your trip ticket bookings.

  • Prepare payment information for obtaining insurance coverage.

  • Remember to give any additional documentation necessary by the insurance company.


How To Buy Travel Insurance With Okbima?

Travel insurance covers risks that may arise during a trip, such as the loss of a passport and personal belongings, as well as the loss of checked-in baggage. Follow these steps to purchase travel insurance from Okbima:

  • Step1

    Visit to home page.

  • Step2

    From the home page, choose the travel.

  • Step3

    A form will display on the page.

  • Step4

    Fill out the form completely with all of your information.

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How To Calculate New Travel Insurance Premium?

To calculate follow the steps given below:

  • Step 01: Visit your insurance company's website or sign in to their online portal.

  • Step 02: the website or dashboard, look for the "Renewal" or "Policy Renewal" option.

  • Step 03: To start the renewal process, click on the available option.

  • Step 04: Give the required information, such as the policy number and the renewal date.

  • Step 05: Review the coverage, premium, and policy details.

  • Step 06: Use a secure payment gateway to make the payment online.

  • Step 07: confirmation of the renewal will be sent to you after the payment has been processed.

  • Step 08: The updated policy documents can be downloaded or printed for future use.

  • Step 09: Verify that you have received the newly issued policy materials via email or regular mail.

  • Step 10: In case of any future claims or questions, keep a copy of the updated policy documentation.


Best Travel Insurance Companies In India 2024

Travel insurance is a sort of insurance that can assist safeguard you from unexpected problems when travelling. It protects against potential financial losses incurred while on your trip. Because of this, many people choose to purchase travel insurance before going on their holiday. Diverse travel insurance policies are provided by a number of reputable travel insurance firms in India. It can be difficult to choose the finest one, therefore here is a list of the top travel insurance firms in India. From these providers, you can choose the finest travel insurance policy.

Benefits Of Travel Insurance Renew

Renewing your travel insurance has the following benefits:

You can easily renew your travel insurance online from the convenience of your home or office without filling out any paperwork or going to the insurer's office.
When compared to conventional ways, renewing online saves you time. You can complete the relevant information, make the money, and obtain your renewal policy paperwork promptly with a few clicks.
Renewing your travel insurance ensures uninterrupted coverage for your upcoming trips. This means you're still protected against unforeseen situations like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and missing luggage.
During the renewal process, you get the chance to go over the specifics of your policy, the coverage limitations, and any new advantages or improvements provided by the insurer. This enables you to make wise choices and make sure your insurance suits your individual requirements.
By renewing your travel insurance, you can go anywhere with confidence knowing that you are fully covered and have access to financial assistance in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
Renewing your coverage assures a seamless claims process if you have any problems while on vacation. The claims process is streamlined when there is a current policy and fast reimbursement for allowable expenses are made possible.

How To Renewal Travel Insurance Online

Read the following steps to renewal travel insurance online:

Step 01: visit the site.

Step 02: Find the 'Renew Your Policy' option in the menu bar.

Step 03: Log in using your registered phone number or policy number.

Step 04: Don't forget to include any pertinent policy information, such as changes to the coverage, the number of family members to be added or removed, or the amount of money insured.

Step 05: Online debit card, online credit card, or online banking payments are accepted for the renewal premium.

Step 06: Online debit card, online credit card, or online banking payments are accepted for the renewal premium.

Documents Required To Claim Travel Insurance in India

Some documents you might need in case of a travel insurance claim.

Claim Form

To begin the process of settling your claim, you may be required to complete a claim form, either offline or online.

Policy Statement

Your insurance plan is very important. It contains personal information and customer numbers that identify it as yours. During a claim, the insurance company will first analyse it to confirm coverage. If all requirements are met, the claim will proceed, otherwise, it will be rejected.


Some insurance firms may need you to present identity documents such as a copy of your Aadhaar card or passport.

Airline Tickets

You might need to present your flight tickets if you're applying for foreign travel insurance. These records are helpful for making claims regarding trip delays, cancellations, and other similar events..

Cancellation of Medical Trip

The insurance provider might ask for a doctor's statement as proof if you have to cancel your vacation due to a medical condition.


For cases including baggage theft, a preliminary information report is required. The assigned police authorities must provide in-depth reports.

Loss of passport

You must provide a photocopy of your passport with your claim form if you misplace it while traveling abroad.

Hospital bill

In the unfortunate event of an accident, you must submit the necessary hospital costs. This is applicable if you chose a refund claim rather than a cashless one.

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Travel Insurance FAQs

Travel insurance covers risks that may arise during a trip, such as the loss of a passport and personal belongings, as well as the loss of checked-in baggage. Having these risks covered provides additional insurance against monetary loss.

It is critical to read the policy documents in order to be informed of such situations. In most circumstances, prior approval is required, though there may be exceptions based on the nature of the emergency.

Please read the policy materials carefully before purchasing it. Some policies, particularly abroad travel insurance coverage, allow for one or two extensions.

A Third Party Administrator serves as an intermediary between the policyholder and the our company. It is the person who handles claims on behalf of the insurance. As a result, having the contact numbers and other details of the third-party provider is always required, as this will be the only point of contact if any unanticipated difficulties arise during the course of travel.

In such situations, it is critical to keep all self-explanatory records and proofs. We do issue refunds after removing some policy-related administrative charges. However, it is critical to examine policy texts for such claims.

The Insurance Coverage begins on the day designated in the Policy Schedule, or when you board the conveyance to depart for your onward international voyage, or the Contracted Departure Date as stipulated in the policy, whichever comes first.

Although we provide the benefit of Automatic Extension of the Policy if the completion of the insured journey is delayed solely due to a failure of public transportation or other services on which the insured was reliant, Insurance Cover shall terminate
(i) when the insurance period is over or
(ii) when the insured person first disembarks on return to India.

When travelling, it is recommended that you have the insurance with you. This will come in helpful if a claim is filed. Most importantly, the insured should be aware of policy data like as policy number before travelling.

Although there is no set list of doctors, clinics, hospitals, or labs where medical exams can be obtained, we have our own list of hospitals where medical exams can be obtained, and these tests must be certified by a doctor M.D. for all firms.

The we normally ask for three tests, such as an ECG, a urine test, and a blood sugar test, however the tests necessary may vary based on the type of case.

You would need to contact our third-party administrator, who would handle the cashless medical treatment claims. You can still ask for reimbursement of your medical expenditures if the cashless facility is disallowed for whatever reason.