Workmen/Workers Compensation Insurance: Compare, Buy, Renew, & Claim

Workmen's Compensation Insurance is an important type of coverage that protects both employers and employees in the event of workplace injuries or illnesses. It provides monetary support to workers who are injured or exposed to hazards on the job. To ensure proper coverage, it is important to look into several insurance policies, taking into account criteria such as coverage limitations and rates. Once you've found the proper coverage, you can easily buy or renew it using our Okbima online platform. In the unfortunate event of an injury, promptly file a claim to receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Prioritizing employee well-being protects both firms and employees. Read More

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What Is Workmen Compensation Insurance?

Workmen's Compensation Insurance, also known as Workers' Compensation Insurance or Employee's Compensation Insurance. It is a type of insurance that protects your company's employees if they get injured on the job or become unable to work.

Feature & Benefits Of Workmen Compensation Policy

Features & benefits of workmen compensation policy are:

Financial protection for employees and their families

In the event of an occupational accident, illness, or death, a Workmen's Compensation Policy provides financial compensation to employees or their dependents.

Reduced legal liability for employers

Workmen's Compensation laws typically provide employers with claims from civil lawsuits filed by employees who are injured or killed on the job.

Promotes workplace safety

By providing financial protection to employees, Workmen's Compensation insurance encourages employers to take steps to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

Compliance with legal requirements

Employers in India are legally obligated to provide Workmen's Compensation insurance to their employees under the Workmen's Compensation Act, of 1923.

Peace of mind for employers

Knowing that they are covered by Workmen's Compensation insurance can give employers peace of mind. They can focus on running their business without any worries.


Why Do You Need Workmen's Compensation Insurance Policy?

Workmen's compensation insurance is important for businesses. It protects both employers and employees. If a worker gets injured or falls ill while on the job, this policy provides financial coverage. It helps to cover medical expenditures, missed earnings, and disability compensation. Without workmen's compensation, employers could face legal liabilities and hefty compensation costs.

Additionally, without sufficient financial support, disabled employees may suffer financially. This policy guarantees a safe work environment and promotes employee welfare. It's a smart investment that safeguards both parties and fosters a healthy workplace environment.

Who Should Buy Workmen Compensation Insurance?

The policy is required by all manufacturing/trading/servicing setups for all floor workers and office staff as well. Most of the contractors/Subcontractors stand benefited from this policy. Individuals, public or private corporations, partnership firms, or any company or trading body functioning in the country can adopt a policy.

What Does Workmen's Compensation Policy Cover?

When you get Workermen Compensation Insurance,You and your employees will be safe from the following risks:

  • Accidental Journey

    Workmen's compensation insurance protects companies from legal liability by covering employees' unintentional injuries on the job.

  • Occupational Illnesses and Diseases

    When workplaces expose employees to harmful chemicals or pollutants, this insurance policy steps in to cover medical treatments for any resulting illnesses.

  • Disability Cover

    This insurance provides financial support in the event of occupational injuries that result in temporary or permanent disability, such as loss of sight or limbs, by paying medical expenditures and replacing some of the lost wages.

  • Death Benefits

    If an employee sadly dies in a work-related accident, this coverage pays for burial expenses and provides death benefits to their beneficiaries.

  • Medical Coverage

    To reduce the burden of expensive medical costs, this insurance ensures that employees are covered for any medical expenses incurred while managing injuries caused by accidents during their employment.

Documents Required For Workers Compensation Insurance

When applying for worker’s compensation insurance, you will need certain documents. These include:

Employee Information

Provide information about your employees, such as their names, job titles, and salary.

Payroll Records

To determine the insurance premium, submit records of your employees' pay.

Certificate of Insurance

Provide proof of any existing insurance coverage you have.

Safety Programme

Outline your workplace safety procedures in a written safety program.

Claims History

Provide information about past workers' compensation claims, if appropriate.

Business Information

Provide information about your company, such as its name, address, and industry.


How To Renew Workmen Compensation Insurance In India?

Follow the steps to renew workmen's compensation insurance in India:

  • Examine the policy: Review the coverage and advantages of your current worker's compensation insurance policy. Understand the renewal process as well as any changes in regulations or requirements.
  • Contact your insurer: Get in touch with your insurance provider to initiate the renewal process. They will walk you through the steps and give you the appropriate forms and documents.
  • Submit required documents: Prepare and submit the relevant documentation to the insurer, including renewal application forms, previous policy details, employee details, and premium payment receipts, within the date indicated.
  • Pay the premium: Make your payment at the designated renewal period after calculating the premium amount according to your policy. Ensure that the payment is made through the insurer's permitted methods.
  • Get a renewed policy: Your insurer will provide you a new worker's compensation insurance coverage once your payment is successful and your paperwork will complete. Examine the policy terms and conditions to ensure that all important topics are covered.
  • Maintain compliance: After renewing your policy, continue to comply with relevant regulations, update employee details as required, and promptly report any work-related incidents or claims to the insurance provider.

How To File A Workmen Compensation Policy Claim?

To file a workmen compensation policy claim read the following steps given below:

Step 01

Report the Incident

Inform your supervisor or employer right once if you have been injured or ill at work. Provide accurate information about the incident and any witnesses.

Step 02

Seek Medical Attention

Visit a certified healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment. Make sure they understand that the injury is related to their job and give them any pertinent information.

Step 03

Complete Claim Forms

Get the necessary claim forms from your employer or insurance company. Fill them out completely, mentioning the occurrence, any medical attention received, and any missed payments.

Step 04

Submit Documentation

Attach any additional documents, such as medical reports, bills, and proof of income. Make copies for your records.

Step 05

Follow Timelines

Maintain strict adherence to the claim submission timeframes. Late submissions may result in the denial of benefits.

Step 06

Cooperate with Investigations

Respond to any questions the insurance provider or employer may have regarding the occurrence. Please provide any extra information or documentation that has been requested.

Step 07

Keep Records

Keep a record of all communications, medical reports, bills, and other documents relating to your claim.

Step 08

Consult Legal Counsel

If complications develop or your claim is rejected, you might want to think about getting help from a lawyer who specializes in worker's compensation law.

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FAQs About Workmen Compensation Insurance

It offers compensation to employees who experience total or partial disability due to an accident at work or who pass away from it.

Worker's compensation is a law that came into effect in 1923. It requires that all employees have the right to insurance coverage for accident-related illness, injury, and death.

It is important for all employers (and production units) that have more than 20 employees, to have Workmen's Compensation Insurance so that they have insurance coverage for workers or employees as per the Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948.

Contractual employees can be covered as additional coverage if they are specifically declared under the policy.

The premium is determined by the employees' occupation, the number of employees insured, and their total wage.

The sum insured is calculated based on revenue which includes wages, salaries, overtime, boarding, and accommodation, to name a few.

With a 15-day notice, both the insurer and the insured can cancel the policy.

The company must compensate the employee within 30 days of filing the claim.