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SBI Health Insurance Premium Calculator Online: Premium Chart


The SBI Health Insurance Premium Calculator is a helpful tool that shows how much your health insurance will cost. You just need to enter details like your age, type of policy & coverage amount to get an estimate. This way, you can choose the best health insurance plan that fits your budget and gives you the best coverage for your needs.


SBI General Insurance Company: An Overview

SBI General Insurance is a leading Indian general insurance company that was founded in 2009 & headquartered in Mumbai. SBI General Insurance offers many insurance plans like car insurance, health insurance, bike insurance, etc., with over 7,159 garages in their network for cashless repairs. As of now, SBI General Insurance has handled over Rs. 24,000 crore worth of claims.


How To Calculate SBI Health Insurance Premium?

You can calculate SBI health insurance premiums online on the “Health Insurance Calculator” page of SBI. Here are some details that you have to fill in to get to know the health insurance premium.

  • Your age

  • Members to be insured

  • Gender

  • Pre-existing diseases

  • Coverage type

  • Duration of the polic

  • Sum insured

  • Medical history

  • Marital status

  • Geographical location


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SBI Health Insurance Premium Chart

To know the SBI health insurance premium rates, you can download the “Brochures”. However, SBI Health Insurance brochures don't include a comprehensive premium chart for every possible scenario. But, you can find sample premium tables to get a rough idea of how factors like age, sum insured & policy type affect the cost.

Here's what you'll find in the brochures:

  • Sample Tables: These showcase premiums for different age groups, sum insured options (coverage amount) & even policy duration (e.g., 1 year, 2 years). This gives you a general idea of pricing but may not cover all your specific needs.

  • Guidance: The brochures will explain that the exact premium depends on your details & recommend using the online premium calculator or contacting SBI General Insurance for a personalized quote.


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Why Use Online SBI Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

There are many advantages to using an online SBI Health Insurance premium calculator such as you get personalized quotes, cost impact analysis, convenience & accuracy.

  • Personalized Quotes: Brochures offer sample premiums that may not reflect your specific needs. Online calculators consider your age, health, lifestyle habits (like smoking) & desired coverage (sum insured) to provide an accurate quote.

  • Cost Impact Analysis: The online tool lets you adjust factors like the sum insured and deductible to see how they impact the premium. This helps to find the right balance between how much insurance you have and how much it costs.

  • Convenience: It's quicker and easier than contacting an agent or visiting a branch. You can calculate premiums at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Accuracy: Online calculators provide real-time quotes based on the latest rates. Brochures may not always reflect recent changes.


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In conclusion, using the SBI Health Insurance Premium Calculator online can help you to understand and compare different health insurance plans. The calculator shows a chart of premiums so you can make informed decisions about which plan is best for you. By entering information like age, coverage amount, and pre-existing conditions, you can see how much different health insurance options will cost. For expert guidance, contact “Our Experts”.

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