Vehicle Fitness Certificate Download From Parivahan

By Okbima 16 Mar 2024


Vehicle Fitness Certificate Download From Parivahan is a convenient online service provided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. This platform allows you to easily download their fitness certificate, ensuring that their vehicle meets the necessary safety and performance standards. 


What is a Fitness Certificate (FC) of a vehicle?

A Fitness Certificate (FC) of a vehicle in India is a legal document that certifies the roadworthiness of a vehicle. All vehicles must have a valid FC to operate on Indian roads. The certificate includes important details such as the vehicle's registration number, chassis number, engine number, vehicle class, vehicle type, and the date of expiry of the FC. 

The certificate is issued after a thorough inspection of the vehicle by a designated authority to ensure that it meets the required safety and emissions standards. A valid FC ensures that the vehicle is fit for use and does not pose a risk to the driver, passengers, or other road users. 


How to Apply For a Vehicle Fitness Certificate? 

There are two ways to get a vehicle fitness certificate: Online and Offline. Below, we have mentioned both ways.

1. Online Process

Applying for a Vehicle Fitness Certificate (FC) online has become more convenient with the digitalization of processes. 

Step-by-step process:

Step 1: Go to the 'Vehicle Related Services' section on the official website of Parivahan Sewa.



Step 2: On the “Vehicle Related Services” page, select your state of residence.

Step 3: Enter the registration number of your vehicle on the next page and click on the 'Proceed' button.

Step 4: Select 'Apply for Fitness Certificate' and review the guidelines provided before proceeding by clicking the 'Proceed' button.

Step 5: Fill in your vehicle's chassis number and the registered mobile number. Click on 'Generate OTP' to receive a one-time password.

Step 6: Enter the OTP received and view the details of your vehicle. Verify the information and fill out your bike insurance details.

Step 7: Click on the 'Payment' button and pay the displayed fees using the available payment modes.

Step 8: Make sure to note down the application number generated by the system. Download the online payment receipt for your records.

Step 9: Visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) with your vehicle on the designated date. Bring along the relevant documents and complete the inspection process.


Note: If the RTO inspector identifies any technical issues or faults with the vehicle, they will provide suggestions for repairs. It is essential to address these issues before receiving the Fitness Certificate.


2. Offline Process

Applying for a Vehicle Fitness Certificate (FC) offline is easy. However, you have to visit your nearest RTO to do this process.

Step 1: Visit your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) and request the application forms for the Fitness Certificate.

Step 2: Complete the application forms and collect all the required documents including vehicle registration certificate (RC), pollution under control (PUC) certificate, insurance certificate, owner's identification proof, and previous fitness certificate (if applicable).

Step 3: Once you have filled out the forms and collected the necessary documents, visit the RTO during working hours.

Step 4: Submit the filled application forms and supporting documents to the designated counter at the RTO.

Step 5: Ensure to make the necessary payment for the Fitness Certificate at the designated counter within the RTO premises. Ensure to get a receipt for the payment made.

Step 6: After submitting the forms and paying the fees, schedule an inspection date for your vehicle. The RTO will provide you with the date and time for the inspection.

Step 7: On the scheduled date, take your vehicle to the RTO for inspection. Ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition and complies with the fitness criteria set by the authorities.

Step 8: Following the inspection, if your vehicle meets the required standards, the RTO will issue you the Fitness Certificate.


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Fitness Certificate Download From Parivahan

You can download your fitness certificate from the Parivahan website easily and below we have mentioned some easy steps.

  • Visit the Parivahan Sewa website.

  • You should register if you're a new user. Otherwise, log in.

  • Enter your vehicle's registration number and click "Proceed".

  • Look for the "Online Services" section and select "Download Document" or "Print Fitness Certificate" (depending on the website's phrasing).


Forms and Documents Required to Get a Fitness Certificate

Getting a fitness certificate typically requires several forms and documents to be submitted. These forms and documents are essential in ensuring that you can safely engage in fitness activities.


Required Forms & documents for FC

Download / How to get

Form 21(Vehicle sale certificate)

Download Form 21

Form 22 (Certificate of Roadworthiness)

Download Form 22  

Road tax payment receipt

Upon completion of the road tax payment, you will receive the receipt.

Vehicle insurance policy certificate

Your vehicle insurance document was downloaded from the insurer.

Original RC (Registration Certificate)

Your vehicle registration certificate.

PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate

Check How to Get a PUC Certificate.

Temporary RC

(if applicable)

Identity and address proof

(Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, Passport, etc.)

Pencil impression of the chassis number

The engine and chassis numbers can be located on the vehicle itself.

Passport-size photographs

A standard passport-size photo


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Vehicle Fitness Fees

The RTO Fitness Certificate (FC) charges refer to the fee that vehicle owners must pay to get a fitness certificate for their vehicles from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). 



Fees (in Rs.)

Bike (two-wheeler)

Manual: Rs. 200, Automated: Rs. 400

Three-wheeler/Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)

Manual: Rs. 400, Automated: Rs. 600

Heavy/Medium Motor Vehicle

Manual: Rs. 600, Automated: Rs. 1,000

Grant/renewal of FC

Rs. 200


How to Get a Duplicate Fitness Certificate?

Obtaining a duplicate fitness certificate for your motor vehicle is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get a duplicate fitness certificate from Parivahan's website:

Step 1: Go to the 'Vehicle Related Services' section on the official website of Parivahan Sewa.

Step 2: Choose the state of your residence. Input your vehicle registration number and then click on the 'Proceed' button.

Step 3: Once you are in the relevant section, look for the 'Duplicate Fitness Certificate' option and click on it.

Step 4: Fill in the required details, including the registration and chassis number of your vehicle. After providing the information, click on the 'Payment' button.

Step 5: Complete the online payment for the duplicate fitness certificate using your preferred digital payment method.

Step 6: Once the payment is successfully processed, download or print the application letter generated by the system. This letter serves as proof of your request for a duplicate fitness certificate.

Step 7: After the processing is complete, the duplicate fitness certificate will be dispatched to your residential address via post.


How to Renew Vehicle Fitness Certificate Online?

Renewing a vehicle fitness certificate online is a convenient process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Go to the 'Vehicle Related Services' section on the official website of Parivahan Sewa.

Step 2: Choose the state of your residence. Provide your vehicle registration number and proceed by clicking the designated 'Proceed' button.

Step 3: Click on 'Apply for Fitness Renewal' and carefully read the instructions provided. Then, click on the 'Proceed' button.

Step 4: Fill in your vehicle chassis number and the registered mobile number. Click on 'Generate OTP' to receive a one-time password on your registered mobile number.

Step 5: Enter the OTP received on your mobile number and click on 'Verify Details'.

Step 6: Verify your details and fill in the required information in the renewal form. After completing the form, click on the 'Payment' option.

Step 7: Pay the applicable fees online using your preferred digital payment mode.

Step 8: Once the payment is successful, download and print the acknowledged receipt for your reference.

Step 9: Visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) on the designated date with your vehicle for inspection. Submit your online application and, upon clearance of the fitness test, you can obtain the renewed Fitness Certificate for your vehicle.


If you prefer to renew the fitness certificate offline, visit the RTO with the following documents:

  • RC of the vehicle

  • Insurance policy of the vehicle

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC)

  • Tax Token

  • Permit of the vehicle


Fine for Carrying an Expired Vehicle Fitness Certificate (FC)

In India, driving a motor vehicle, including any type of two-wheeler, without a valid Fitness Certificate (FC) is considered a serious offense. The penalties for carrying an expired FC are as follows:

  • For a first-time offense: A fine ranging from ?2,000 to ?5,000 may be imposed.

  • For a second offense: A higher fine ranging from ?5,000 to ?10,000 may be imposed.

  • For multiple offenses: In addition to fines, the driver or vehicle owner may face imprisonment.


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Validity of Fitness Certificate in India

The validity of a Fitness Certificate (FC) in India depends on the type of vehicle:

  • Private Vehicles: For new private vehicles, the FC is valid for 15 years from the date of purchase. After 15 years, it needs renewal every 5 years.

  • Commercial Vehicles: For commercial vehicles up to 8 years old, the FC is valid for 2 years. Commercial vehicles older than 8 years need renewal every year.


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In conclusion, the ability to download a vehicle fitness certificate from the Parivahan website is a convenient and efficient way for vehicle owners to ensure their vehicles are safe and legal for the road. This online service streamlines the process and provides easy access to important documentation, promoting road safety and compliance with regulations.



Yes! You have the option to apply for the renewal of a Fitness Certificate (FC) for an older vehicle either through the Parivahan portal online or by personally visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Commercial vehicles up to 8 years old have a Fitness Certificate (FC) validity of 2 years. However, for commercial vehicles older than 8 years, the FC validity is reduced to one year, necessitating an annual renewal of the FC.

The fees for the Fitness Certificate can be conveniently paid online through the Parivahan portal.

The engine and chassis numbers of your vehicle are typically located on the Registration Certificate. Additionally, you can find them on the vehicle itself, although the exact location varies depending on the make, model, and type of the vehicle.

To register your phone number for applying for or renewing the Fitness Certificate, you can visit the Parivahan website and create an account. Registering your mobile number is crucial as you will need to receive an OTP (One-Time Password) for authentication during the application or renewal process.

Should your vehicle fail to pass the fitness test, the RTO inspector will provide reasons for the failure. You can then address the identified faults or repair the vehicle according to the RTO's feedback. Once you have rectified the issues, you can proceed to reapply for the Fitness Certificate.

During the Fitness Certificate (FC) vehicle inspection, the RTO inspector conducts a visual examination of the vehicle and utilizes testing devices to assess specific components. Additionally, the inspector might request you to drive the vehicle to evaluate its performance and detect any defects.

To get a fitness certificate for your vehicle, start by visiting the official Parivahan website. From the drop-down menu under "Online Services," select "Related Vehicle Services." Next, input your state of residence and vehicle registration number, then click "Proceed." Once you have entered the necessary information, click on "Download Document," followed by "Print Fitness Certificate" to complete the process.

To renew your car or bike's fitness certificate, visit your nearest RTO and fill out an application form. Attach the required documents and submit them before proceeding with the renewal process.

To check the fitness certificate of your vehicle online, you must visit the Parivahan Sewa portal. Then, input your vehicle's registration number, full chassis number, and engine number. Afterward, you will be able to view all the vehicle details, including its fitness certificate.

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