How to Check Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number?

OkBima 06 May 2023
How to Check Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number?

On Indian streets, it is customary to see a vehicle inclining toward one more vehicle or one more driver before escaping. You can obtain their car's registration number, but you cannot immediately obtain any additional information regarding the driver or the vehicle.

You end up at your Regional Transport Office, where you must navigate paperwork and bureaucracy to find the necessary information. However, what if we informed you that the registration number isn't the only way how to check vehicle owner details? That is accurate. VAHAN can be used to locate it. The National Informatics Centre and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways collaborated to establish VAHAN, a national vehicle registry, in 2011.

The Vahan website lists all vehicles registered in the country—cars, bikes, auto rickshaws, taxis, and buses—.

How Can You Use The VAHAN Website To Get Information About A Vehicle?

On the Parivahan website, which is part of the VAHAN e-services portal, you can also check the information about the owner of a car or bike by number plate online. You should know how to check vehicle owner details and the details of your vehicle's registration using VAHAN, and all you need is a smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

On the internet, obtaining information about the vehicle owner is simple as the Indian government presented a focal vehicle library known as VAHAN. This web portal contains a centralized database containing approximately 28 million vehicle data or information.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' primary objective is to consolidate all information regarding driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates that can be obtained from RTOs and DTOs.

Any registered vehicle's information can be accessed because VAHAN is a national vehicle registry. Included are four-wheeled, two-wheeled, and commercial vehicles. However, it is essential to remember that the general public has not had access to information regarding a particular category of vehicles, such as school buses, ambulances, and commercial vehicles with permits.

Can You Check The Information About My Vehicle For Free On VAHAN?

For free, you can learn how to check vehicle owner details and information on a private two-wheeler, a four-wheeler, and a commercial vehicle with VAHAN. There is no expense engaged with doing as such. To check the information about your vehicle using the registration number, you only need to sign up for an account on the portal using your mobile number.

Where Can You Find Information About The Vehicle's Owner And Registration Number On The VAHAN Website?

The collection and production of vehicle data in accordance with the particular requirements of each Indian state and Union Territories is the goal of VAHAN. These particulars are also supported by the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Visit the official VAHAN website and follow the steps below to view vehicle registration information online:

Select "Know the details of your vehicle" from the menu bar.

To create an account, enter your email address and mobile number and click "Generate OTP." Click "Vahan Search" after entering the verification code for your vehicle's registration, as shown.

The following information will appear when you enter your vehicle's registration number on the VAHAN website:

Date of registration 

Owner's name 

Vehicle class 

Fuel type 

Information about the model and manufacturer 

Vehicle fitness duration 

PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate number 

Motor Vehicle (MV) Tax validity 

Information about the vehicle's insurance policy 

Emission standards (Bharat Stage emission norms) 

Status of registration certificate

Did You Know That Sending An SMS To A Vehicle Can Also Give You Information About Its Registration?

To find information about a vehicle, follow the steps below using the vehicle's registration number:

Enter VAHAN in the space provided to send the vehicle's registration number to 7738299899. You only need their registration number the next time you need information about someone else who owns a vehicle.

You will immediately get an SMS containing data about the proprietor of the vehicle, like the proprietor's name, RTO data, protection legitimacy, enrollment/wellness legitimacy, etc.

Remember that the SMS administration might not always fill in the way it should. As a result, it's best to use the VAHAN portal to learn how to check vehicle owner details by following the steps in the previous sections.

What Is The Plate Number Of A Vehicle?

The Regional Transport Office, or RTO, uses the digits and letters on your vehicle's number plate to identify your vehicle and register you. Therefore, the vahan number plate is the most crucial link between your vehicle's owner, how to check vehicle owner details and everything you need to know about it. Subsequently, the number plate on a vehicle is an urgent component to consider while buying one. 

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates that every driver must install a number plate in accordance with the regulations governing number plates on the vehicle's front and rear. A significant fine can be imposed for an unregistered plate without a number, which violates the rules governing number plates.

For Which Scenarios Do You Require This Facility?

In a recent update, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways stated that individuals are not required to keep a hard copy of their vehicle documents. Additionally, they can save those in Digi Lockers. Therefore, information stored in Digi Lockers will be recognized as legitimate throughout India in accordance with this mandate.

Due to the popularity of VAHAN, you no longer need to carry a No Objection Certificate for your vehicle. Since RTOs all over India have access to centralized data that includes information about your vehicle.

There are a few common reasons to pay attention to the vehicle's number plate

The Situation Involving A Hit And Run

If you witness or survive a situation involving a quick in and out, paying attention to the vehicle owner's subtleties with the number plate can be helpful. Simply record the vehicle's enrollment number and use the VAHAN entrance or SMS to learn how to check vehicle owner details.

Accidental Damage 

Let's say that you and the other party, who owns the car in the collision, disagree on how much damage your car has received. In light of everything, you can, without a doubt, follow owner nuances with the enlistment number. It can help you avoid any beyond-ridiculous road rage and take up the issue authentically at whatever point is required.

If You Are Buying A Used Car 

Verify the owner's information before purchasing a used car, whether directly from the owner or a third party (dealer). You can use the VAHAN portal or SMS to look up information about how to check vehicle owner details if you know the registration number.

Doing A Vehicle Inspection

The VAHAN portal allows the authorities to inspect your vehicle's details during the inspection. As a result, documents for vehicles no longer need to be carried in hard copies. You can upload the required soft copies using the DigiLocker app, and the VAHAN portal enables authorities to verify them.

Why Do The VAHAN Owner Details Show The Vehicle Owner's Partial Name?

The VAHAN portal displays the vehicle owner's partial name to protect citizens' privacy. Forestalling any abuse of the details is likewise finished. As a result, the VAHAN portal only allows you to view the vehicle owner's partial name.

Why Is It Crucial To Acquire The Vehicle's License Plate?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, a vehicle must be registered with the RTO and have its registration number displayed on the number plate. As a result, getting the vehicle number plate is essential. Driving a vehicle without a registration plate is illegal. In the event of a violation of traffic rules and regulations, it also assists in tracking the vehicle's details.

It is crucial and challenging to obtain all the vehicle information when purchasing a used vehicle, including the model number and manufacturer information. By producing duplicate vehicle documents, buyers can deceive you. As a consequence of this, a vetter always has the option of confirming the details of the vehicle. 

You can verify the following by examining the number plate of a car or van: Data from the Vahan portal, such as the Engine, Chassis, and RTO Registration numbers. In addition, the RTO vehicle Information Database also lists the vehicle's Regional Transport Office in India.


In the event of a road accident or reckless driving case, you must learn how to check vehicle owner details before you purchase a used vehicle for law enforcement and investigation purposes. The particulars of your vehicle may also be crucial if you have misplaced any vehicle-related documents. 

There are details available for every vehicle. If you have any desire to document a case for a taken vehicle, the subtleties of your vehicle are likewise essential. You must provide accurate information if you do not have valid documentation. You can look up the details of any car or bike by using this online portal.

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