TVS Ronin: On-Road Price, Specifications, Features & Expert Review

By Okbima 13 Jun 2024


The TVS Ronin is a stylish and powerful motorcycle that is powered by a 125cc engine that delivers a strong performance and smooth ride. With a top speed of around 90 km/h, the Ronin TVS is perfect for those who enjoy riding on the open road. In terms of features, the Ronin comes with dual disc brakes for stopping power, a fully digital instrument console for easy readability, and LED headlamps for better visibility on the road. 

The bike also has a comfortable seating position and a smooth suspension setup, making it the best for long rides. The TVS Ronin is competitively priced in the Indian market which makes it an attractive option for those looking for a stylish and powerful bike on budget. Overall, the TVS Ronin is the best choice for riders who value performance, style, and affordability.


TVS Ronin: Highlights


Engine Capacity

225.9 cc

Mileage - ARAI

42 kmpl


5 Speed Manual

Kerb Weight

159 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

14 litres

Seat Height

795 mm


TVS Ronin: Specifications & Features

The TVS Ronin is a stylish and powerful motorcycle designed for urban riders. Let’s know its specifications & features.





225.9 cc

Touch Screen Display


Max Power

20.1 bhp @ 7750 rpm

Instrument Console


Max Torque

19.93 Nm



Riding Range

560 Km



Top Speed

120 Kmph

Fuel Guage


Riding Modes

Urban and Rain

Hazard Warning Indicator



5 Speed Manual

Average Speed Indicator


Transmission Type

Chain Drive

Call/SMS Alerts


Gear Shifting Pattern

1 Down 4 Up





Stand Alarm



66 mm

Tripmeter Type



66 mm


12V, 6Ah


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TVS Ronin On Road Price In Different Cities

The TVS Ronin prices vary across different cities in India. Below, we have mentioned the top 10 towns on-road prices of Ronin TVS.



Starting On-Road Price


Rs. 1,83,930


Rs. 1,96,003


Rs. 1,76,774


Rs. 1,82,015


Rs. 1,85,828


Rs. 1,83,599


Rs. 1,83,786


Rs. 1,72,580


Rs. 1,85,477


Rs. 1,76,679


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TVS Ronin: Pros & Cons

Before buying the Ronin TVS, you should know its pros & cons based on many factors which we have mentioned in the table below.




Modern retro styling with classic elements.

May not appeal to those looking for a modern design.

Eye-catching colors and finishes.

Some may find the design not good.

Powerful engine.

Might feel underpowered compared to some competitors in the same segment.

Smooth and comfortable ride.

High-speed stability could be improved.

Good torque delivery.

Vibration at higher RPMs.

Well-cushioned seats.

The Footpeg position may not be ideal for all.

Good suspension setup for many road conditions.

The Handlebar position might be uncomfortable for long rides.

Fully digital instrument cluster

Limited customization options

Bluetooth connectivity with smart features.

Features might be complex for some users.

LED lighting system.

No option for traditional lighting.

Competitive pricing for the features offered.

The price may be high compared to some basic models.

Affordable maintenance costs.

The resale value might be lower than some competitors.


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TVS Ronin: Expert Review

The Ronin is a modern motorcycle with a classic style bike from TVS. It has many up-to-date features, but it doesn't perform as well as some other bikes. It's good for everyday use in the city, but it doesn't stand out in any particular category, so it doesn't feel very unique.


The Ronin tries to mix different design styles, but it ends up looking strange. The tank doesn't match the frame well, the side panels are too boxy, and the rear fender is too flashy. A simpler design with a shorter rear fender and a built-in license plate holder would have looked better. Despite its unusual look, the Ronin stands out from other bikes.


Engine, Mileage & Performance

The TVS Ronin is great for riding in the city because its engine is very easy to control and has a lot of power. This allows you to ride in higher gears at slower speeds, making it easier to handle speed bumps and tight turns. The bike is smooth and comfortable when riding at city speeds, but it starts to vibrate a bit when you go faster than 55kmph.

The ‘Glide Through Traffic’ feature by TVS helps riders navigate through city traffic without needing to constantly apply throttle. The bike can stay in 5th gear even at low speeds of 30kmph, reducing the need for frequent gear changes in the city. The clutch lever is light, making the bike easy to handle in city traffic. 

The Ronin has good acceleration but struggles at higher speeds on the highway. It performs best between 4000 and 6000rpm in 3rd and 5th gears. At speeds around 80kmph, the bike is comfortable with minimal vibrations. However, it lacks power at higher speeds and may struggle to maintain speeds over 90kmph. Compared to the Apache RTR 200 4V, the Ronin is not as smooth at higher speeds and may have noticeable vibrations starting at 5,500rpm.


Handling & Ride Quality

The bike may look slow because of its relaxed angle, but with a wide handlebar, upright riding position, and manageable weight, it moves easily through traffic. The body position is upright with legs slightly forward, making it seem like there would be a heel-toe shifter, but there is only a toe shifter which may feel awkward. The braking is okay but could be better in terms of feel and smoothness.



The suspension is designed to handle bumps smoothly at all speeds, making you feel secure. The tyres provide good grip, especially when going fast around corners. With the powerful engine, you should feel comfortable driving on twisty roads.



The display and smartphone connectivity are standard on the bike. The silent starter works well, but some may find the compact digital display a bit difficult to get used to. The overall build quality is excellent, with sturdy switchgear and neat wiring. However, there was a problem with the headlight, console, and horn fuse repeatedly blowing on our test bike, despite replacing it with a spare one.


Should You Buy TVS Ronin?

The TVS Ronin is a good city bike but it doesn't have a unique character or feeling like other TVS models. It is a bit expensive for a bike just for city riding. The concept of the Ronin is interesting but it could have been done better.

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As per user-reported data, the TVS Ronin mileage is around 40 kmpl.

The TVS Ronin is priced at Rs. 1,49,200 with a 225.9 cc, 5 Speed Manual engine, which offers a mileage of 40 kmpl. On the other hand, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is priced at Rs. 1,49,900 with a 349.34 cc engine, providing a mileage of 35 kmpl.

The TVS Ronin comes in 7 vibrant colors including Magma Red, Lightning Black, Delta Blue, Stargaze Black, Galactic Grey, Dawn Orange & Nimbus Grey.

TVS Ronin offers four different variants - TVS Ronin Single Tone with Single Channel, TVS Ronin Dual Tone with Single Channel, TVS Ronin Triple Tone with Dual Channel, and TVS Ronin TD Special Edition.

The TVS Ronin only has self-start technology.

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