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Harley Davidson X440: On-Road Price, Specifications & Expert Review


The Harley Davidson X440 is a powerful motorcycle designed for those who need adventure rides. Harley X440 has a 440cc air-cooled engine that offers an impressive 50HP, with a top speed of 120 km/h, the X440 is capable of handling any road condition. In terms of design, the Harley Davidson X440 has a sleek and aggressive look. The bike has a rugged frame, dual exhaust pipes, and a comfortable seat that ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride every time

The bike also comes with many features including disc brakes, digital instrument cluster, LED lights, and adjustable suspension, making it the best bike for those looking for a reliable and adventurous ride. Whether you're riding on the highway or road, the Harley X440 is the best bike that can meet your expectations and offers the best riding experience.


Harley Davidson X440: Highlights

Engine Capacity

440 cc

Mileage - ARAI

35 kmpl


6 Speed Manual

Kerb Weight

190.5 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

13.5 litres

Seat Height

805 mm


Harley X440: Specifications & Features

The Harley Davidson X440 is a powerful motorcycle that is perfect for off-road adventures. Let’s know its specifications & features.





440 cc

Touch Screen Display


Max Power

27 bhp @ 6000 rpm

Instrument Console


Max Torque

38 Nm @ 4000 rpm



Riding Range

459 Km



Top Speed

135 Kmph

Fuel Guage


Riding Modes


Hazard Warning Indicator



6 Speed Manual

Average Speed Indicator


Transmission Type

Chain Drive

Call/SMS Alerts


Gear Shifting Pattern

1 Down 5 Up





Stand Alarm



79.6 mm

Tripmeter Type



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Harley Davidson X440 On-Road Price In India For Different Cities

The Harley Davidson X440 prices vary across different cities in India. Below, we have mentioned the Harley Davidson X440 on road price in the top 10 cities.



Starting On-Road Price


Rs. 2,90,652


Rs. 3,10,429


Rs. 2,85,409


Rs. 2,90,652


Rs. 2,90,652


Rs. 3,02,500


Rs. 2,90,350


Rs. 2,76,282


Rs. 2,92,953


Rs. 2,85,768


Harley X440: Pros & Cons

Before buying the Harley X440, you should know its pros & cons based on many factors which we have mentioned in the below table.




Powerful Engine

High Price Tag

Iconic Harley Davidson Design

Heavy Weight

Good Handling

Limited Fuel Efficiency

Excellent Sound

Limited Comfort for Long Rides

High-Quality Build

Limited Features Compared to Competitors

Strong Brand Loyalty

Maintenance Costs can be high


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Harley Davidson X440: Expert Review

Introducing the first motorcycle from the collaboration between Harley-Davidson and Hero. This bike is not just good, but it can also compete with other popular bikes like Royal Enfield and Triumph. The Harley-Davidson X440 is affordable and performs well on the road. Here are our thoughts after testing the bike.


The X440 is a big motorcycle, bigger than its competitor, the Classic 350. It has similar features such as seat height, ground clearance, and suspension travel. The X440 is a bit lighter. The design of the X440 is inspired by a Harley model, making the connection to the brand clear. The bike is stylish with attention to detail.

If you see the bike closely, some flaws you can see. The plastic material between the speedometer and the headlight seems weak. The paint in certain areas is not well done, and the gaps between the different parts of the bike could be better aligned. We also don't like the bar that connects the two frame tubes, even though it adds strength to the bike. It blocks the view of the engine and looks like it was added later.



Before we tried the X440, we thought its low price would be its main advantage. But we were mistaken. The way the motorcycle feels and rides makes it stand out in a good way. The engine of the X440 has a long stroke, which means it has a lot of power at lower speeds. However, the engine is not weak - it can reach its limit of 7,000rpm quickly. The bike has a strong and smooth throttle response, making it easy to accelerate at low speeds. 

The engine sounds great at low RPMs but could be quieter at higher speeds. While there are some vibrations when riding at faster speeds. Overall, the bike is comfortable to ride and handles well, especially at around 90kmph. It is a good option for touring, as long as you stick to the speed limits. The best thing about the X440 is how well it performs when riding. We only tested it indoors, so we can't say for sure how comfortable it is to ride.

But when it comes to handling, we were surprised. The chassis design, front forks, and tires all work together to make the bike easy to handle and fun to ride through corners. The X440 stays stable when leaning into turns, even with its weight and size. It handles quick turns with ease and doesn't wobble or lose grip. It feels confident and smooth until you start hitting the footpegs on the ground.


Should You Buy It?

On the road, the Harley X440 motorcycle is impressive. It has comfortable seating and easy-to-use controls. The engine is fun to ride, although not the smoothest. The handling is good, with a strong grip and brakes. It has many features to offer. 

However, there are some downsides. It could use better quality in looks and feel. The vibrations, especially in the middle range, could be reduced. But, these issues aren't enough to stop someone from buying it, especially considering the price.


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