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Royal Enfield Classic 350: On-Road Price, Specifications & Expert Review


The Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes in six different styles and 15 colors. It has a powerful 349cc engine that makes it fast, with features like front and rear disc brakes for safety. The 2021 model has some new looks and improvements compared to the older version. It has a classic design with a round headlight, curvy fuel tank, and other stylish features. The updated version also has a digital screen showing things like speed, distance, and fuel level. There's even a USB port for charging your gadgets.

The bike is a bit heavy, weighing 195 kg, and it can hold 13 liters of fuel. The 2021 model comes in five styles and 11 colors, offering a variety of choices. The engine is 349cc, and it has a five-speed gearbox. The bike has a new frame for better performance, and the suspension (the part that helps with bumps) is handled by special forks at the front and shock absorbers at the back. 


Bullet Classic 350 Highlights

Engine Capacity

349 cc

Mileage - ARAI

32 kmpl


5 Speed Manual

Kerb Weight

195 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity

13 litres

Seat Height

805 mm


Royal Enfield Classic 350: Specifications & Features

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a known motorcycle that has impressive specifications and features. It is equipped with a 346 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that delivers a power output of 19.1 bhp and a torque of 28 Nm.




Mileage (City)

41.55 kmpl


Dual Channel

Engine Type

4 Stroke, Air-Oil Cooled Engine, Spark Ignition, Single Cylinder



Max Power

20.21 PS @ 6100 rpm

Service Due Indicator


Front Brake




Fuel Capacity

13 L




349.34 cc



No. of Cylinders


Fuel gauge



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Royal Enfield Classic 350 On Road Price In Different Cities

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 On Road Price can vary in different variants and can be purchased in various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc.



Starting On-Road Price


Rs. 2,35,002


Rs. 2,47,776


Rs. 2,20,136


Rs. 2,32,425


Rs. 2,32,362


Rs. 2,28,102


Rs. 2,24,158


Rs. 2,32,159


Rs. 2,34,461


Rs. 2,23,536


Royal Enfield Classic 350: Pros & Cons

The updated Classic 350 is a big improvement. It looks much better and performs well. The engine delivers good power and keeps its unique style. It handles nicely, providing a pleasant riding experience. However, the ride might feel a bit stiff, which could be a concern, especially in city conditions.




The new chassis makes it easier to ride in traffic.

Loses its iconic thumper exhaust note

Timeless looks that turn heads

footpegs are a bit problematic

Good mileage for a classic motorcycle.

Performance could have been better

More comfortable ergonomics

At high speeds, the engine can get vibey


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Bullet Classic 350 Colours

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is available in a wide range of stylish and eye-catching colors, allowing riders to choose a color that suits their personality and preferences.


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Expert Review

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a popular choice if you want a cool roadster that has a special feel. It takes inspiration from the famous Bullet motorcycle, which has been around for a long time, and adds a stylish and classy touch to it.


At first glance, the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 looks very similar to the previous model. The design hasn't changed, so it's not easy to notice any differences right away. However, if you look closer, you'll see some subtle changes that fans of Royal Enfield will appreciate.

The nostalgic retro feel of the old Classic 350 has been preserved with the same iconic headlight, taillight, and indicators. There are no LED lights, and the fork covers are the same as before. But despite these similarities, the new Classic 350 has a few modern features that make it unique. One of these is the new instrument cluster, which has a large speedometer and a small digital display. The display shows two trip meters, a clock, and most importantly, a fuel gauge.


Engine, Performance & Mileage

The Classic 350 has a 349cc air-cooled engine that produces 20.4 horsepower at 6100rpm and 27 Newton-meters of torque at 4000rpm. It can travel 36 kilometers on one liter of fuel. But these numbers don't tell the whole story. The new Classic 350 performs much better than the old model, especially at high speeds. The old Classic struggled to reach 100kmph, but the new one not only reaches that speed easily but also maintains it comfortably.

However, the Classic 350 isn't meant to be a super speedy cruiser. Its ideal speed range is between 80 and 90kmph. You will feel some vibrations from the engine, but they aren't excessive and won't affect your overall riding experience. Compared to the old engine, the new one feels much smoother. Overall, the engine still has some vibrations, but they won't have a long-lasting impact or cause any problems during your ride.


Handling & Ride Quality

The Classic 350 has a great engine, which makes the ride smooth and enjoyable. However, the design of the bike requires more effort from the rider to steer it. This is because the Classic has a longer trail and shorter handlebars compared to other J-platform models like the Meteor 350. As a result, the rider has less control and power when steering the bike.



The new Classic has improved riding comfort compared to the previous version. The handlebars are positioned slightly further away and lower down, and the new non-sprung seat makes the overall riding position better. The seat height is slightly taller, but it's easier to put your feet down because the bulky battery box has been removed and the bike feels narrower. The pillion seat is more spacious and comfortable, with just the right amount of softness. The only issue is that the footpegs can interfere with your shins when you're crawling through heavy traffic with your legs down.



The new Classic 350 has added features like trip meters and a fuel gauge on the speedometer. It also has an optional navigation module. However, the bike keeps other electronics and features to a minimum to maintain a retro feel. Despite this simplicity, Royal Enfield has not compromised on safety and the Classic 350 comes with dual-channel ABS as standard.


Should You Buy The Royal Enfield Classic 350?

If you love retro motorcycles and are a fan of Royal Enfield, you will love the new Classic 350. Royal Enfield has updated the right features of the Classic while still keeping its old-fashioned charm. It is a relaxed and vintage-style British motorcycle that fits well in the modern era. The improvements and changes made to the bike make it more user-friendly, and we believe it will attract a new group of riders to Royal Enfield.


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