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By Okbima 30 Aug 2023 5

Small Investment Plans for Housewives: Building Financial Security

  There are many prospects for investors to make large profits in the Indian financial markets today. Many housewives seek to learn as much as possible about them to increase their cash flow. …

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By Okbima 23 Aug 2023 10

Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme 2023

  The Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme 2023 is specifically for individuals aged 60 and above, with exceptions for those aged 55 to 60 who've taken voluntary retirement or retired…

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By Okbima 21 Aug 2023 3

NRI Investment Plans in India 2023

For both NRIs (Non-Indian Residents) and Indian Residents, financial preparation is of essential importance in the modern world. Due to the large amount of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) that India…

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By Okbima 17 Aug 2023 4

Top 10 High Return Short-Term Investments in India 2023

  Transient transactions or tangible assets that can be quickly turned into cash, often within five years, might be referred to as short term investments. Investing in short-term securities, h…

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By Okbima 14 Aug 2023 8

How To Earn One Crore in 5 Years?

  One crore rupees might seem like a large sum to many people. Still, experts in the investing market suggest a few things for an effective financial strategy. You can undoubtedly become a mil…

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By Okbima 11 Aug 2023 7

Corporate National Pension Scheme - CNPS Details & Benefits

  Employees in the organized sector employed by organizations registered with the Corporate NPS System are eligible for Corporate NPS. PFRDA regulates Corporate NPS, which was introduced in De…

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By Okbima 03 Aug 2023 5

Family Pension Scheme: Benefits of Family Pension Funds 2023

  The family pension refers to the money given to the government employee's family when the individual dies during their service. In general, the Government offers a family pension to the …

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By Okbima 01 Aug 2023 19

Max Life Insurance Policy Status Check Online India 2024

  Max Life Insurance Policy Status Check: Max Life Insurance, headquartered in New Delhi, is India's largest non-bank private life insurer. Founded in 2001, it's a joint venture betwee…

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By Okbima 15 Jul 2023 4

Buy Best Term Insurance Plan & Policy Online in India 2024

  One of India's most well-liked insurance options is term insurance policies. Other names for it include permanent term insurance and permanent life insurance. For a set timeframe, they o…

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By Okbima 13 Jul 2023 7

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme - POMIS Interest Rate 2024

A specific kind of term deposit account provided by India Post is the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (MIS). The MIS program offers monthly interest payments and is appropriate for investors looking…

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Pros And Cons Of Buying Term Life Insurance?
By Okbima 28 Jun 2023 3

Pros And Cons Of Buying Term Life Insurance?

  One of the purest types of life insurance you might have is a term insurance policy. By purchasing a term plan, you may ensure that your family will receive a defined amount in specified dea…

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Which Is Better And Why: Term Or Whole Life Insurance?
By Okbima 26 Jun 2023 6

Which Is Better And Why: Term Or Whole Life Insurance?

When it comes to life insurance, two popular options are Term life insurance and whole life insurance. Both serve the purpose of providing financial protection for your loved ones in the event of your…

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