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By Okbima 10 Jan 2024 50

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Scheme (PMVVY)

  Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana Scheme (PMVVY) is a pension scheme for senior citizens (60 years and above) introduced by the Government of India. The scheme aims to provide financial sec…

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By Okbima 05 Jan 2024 9

Short-Term Investments Plans With High Returns in India

  Short-term investment plans with high returns in India offer individuals the opportunity to grow their money quickly without committing to long-term investments. These plans typically have a…

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By Okbima 04 Jan 2024 7

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana - Interest Rate 2024

  Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Scheme is a government-backed savings scheme in India aimed at promoting the welfare of the girl child. It was launched as part of the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao&#…

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By Okbima 16 Dec 2023 17

Postal Life Insurance: Benefits, Types, Eligibility & Required Documents

  The Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Scheme provides life insurance to specific groups like government employees, teachers, and some professionals. PLI offers competitive premiums, government bac…

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By Okbima 13 Dec 2023 11

Section 80D of Income Tax Act - Tax Deductions and Limits

  Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, provides tax deductions on premiums paid for medical insurance. It is designed to offer financial relief to taxpayers who invest in health insurance …

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ULIP vs Mutual Fund
By Okbima 07 Dec 2023 8

ULIP vs Mutual Fund: Comparison, Charges, Returns & Tax Benefits

  If you want to know which investment is better ULIP vs Mutual Fund? Selecting the right investment option for your financial future is very important. ULIP or Mutual Funds are two of th…

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accidental death benefit
By Okbima 06 Dec 2023 7

Accidental Death Benefit Rider In Term Insurance

  The Accidental Death Benefit Rider is an additional feature that can be added to a term insurance policy. This rider provides an additional payout if the policyholder were to die as a result…

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Saral Jeevan Bima Yojana
By Okbima 05 Dec 2023 5

What is Saral Jeevan Bima Yojana? Benefits, Coverage & Eligibility

  The Saral Jeevan Bima Yojana (SJB) is a simple-term insurance plan that aims to provide basic and affordable insurance coverage to people who may not have access to traditional life insuranc…

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Safe Investments with High Returns
By Okbima 01 Dec 2023 6

Safe Investments with High Returns In India

  If you want to grow your investments? You should consider investing in Safe Investments with High Returns In India. Selecting the best investment options requires careful consideration of fa…

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Post Office FD Interest Rate
By Okbima 30 Nov 2023 8

Post Office FD Interest Rate 2024: Benefits & Taxes on FD Account

The Post Office FD Interest Rate 2024 ranges from  6.90% to 7.5% per annum for 1 to 5 years tenures. Originally introduced as the National Savings Time Deposit Account Scheme, this FD plan a…

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Download LIC Payment Receipt Online
By Okbima 27 Nov 2023 16

How to Download LIC Payment Receipt Online?

  LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India, is the oldest and largest insurance company in India. Founded in 1956, LIC has been providing insurance and investment solutions to millions of ind…

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post office rd interest rate,
By Okbima 23 Nov 2023 10

Post Office RD Interest Rates 2024 - Recurring Deposit

  Are you looking for a Post Office RD Interest Rate 2024? The Post Office RD scheme (Recurring Deposit) is a unique savings scheme offered by the Indian Postal Service. It is a popular invest…

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