Best Helmet Brands & Top 10 Helmet Brands In India 2024

By Okbima 14 Mar 2024


Do you want to know the best helmet brands in India? When it comes to protecting yourself while riding a bike or scooter, choosing the right helmet is necessary. In India, some of the best helmet brands that offer top-notch quality and safety features include Bell, Shoei, HJC, LS2, etc.


List of the Best Helmet Brands in India With Price 2024

When it comes to safety on the roads, investing in a high-quality helmet is essential. In India, some of the best helmet brands include AGV, Arai, Shark, etc. These brands offer a wide range of helmets in various styles and designs, catering to the needs of all types of riders. 

Best Helmet Brands

Starting Price


Rs. 500


Rs. 750


Rs. 870


Rs. 1000


Rs. 1099


Rs. 2000

Royal Enfield

Rs. 3000


Rs. 3499


Rs. 4500


Rs. 4600


Top 10 Helmet Brands in India 2024

Protecting your head while riding a bike or participating in extreme sports is crucial, and having a quality helmet is essential. Here is the list of the top 10 helmet brands in India that showcase the best options for safety-conscious consumers.

1. Vega - Starting from Rs. 500


Founded in 1994, Vega is a leading brand known for affordable, high-quality motorcycle helmets. They make their helmets in their factory, ensuring top-notch materials and thorough testing. Vega offers a range of helmet styles for different riding preferences, including cool Marvel character designs. 

Their helmets are designed for comfort, with aerodynamic features and optional accessories like mirrored shields and snow gear. Choose Vega for reliable protection and a unique look on your next ride.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, Snowmobile, Half-face, 3/4 helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles and bicycles

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


2. Arai - Starting from Rs. 750


Arai Helmets, a Japanese icon since 1926, come with a singular focus: ultimate head protection. Unlike most, their rounder shell design prioritizes "glancing off" impacts, potentially reducing rotational forces. This commitment to safety, which comes with meticulous hand-crafting and rigorous testing, has made them a reputation for being among the best, at a premium price. While offering comfort features, their aim lies in uncompromising protection, making them a favorite for riders who prioritize safety above all else.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, open-face helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles, racing cars

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


3. Studds - Starting from Rs. 870


Studds Helmets, established in 1983, is India's leading helmet manufacturer and a global player. They offer a vast array of full-face, open-face, off-road, and flip-up helmets, catering to both budget-conscious and style-savvy riders. Known for affordability and safety, Studds prioritizes ISI and DOT certifications while including features like aerodynamic designs, comfortable liners, and quick-release visors. 

While budget-friendly, they might not have all the bells and whistles of premium brands. However, with over 50 million satisfied customers globally, Studds Helmets offers a reliable and secure choice for everyday riders seeking value and protection.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, open-face, flip-up, industrial helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles, Scooters

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


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4. Steelbird - Starting from Rs. 1000


Steelbird is an Indian manufacturer of motorcycle helmets, established in 1964. They offer a wide range of helmets for different types of riders and budgets, from full-face helmets to open-face helmets and jet helmets. Steelbird helmets are known for being affordable and durable, but they have also been criticized for not being as high-quality as some other brands. 

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, Flip-up, Open-face, Half-helmet

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles, Scooters, low-speed motorcycles, cruising

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


5. THH - Starting from Rs. 1099


THH Helmets from HengDa Racing in India offers affordable helmets for motorcyclists. They have full-face, open-face, and off-road options, focusing on the Indian market. With ISI and DOT certifications, they prioritize safety. However, they may lack advanced features and cutting-edge design compared to international brands. If you want a basic, budget-friendly helmet, THH could be a good option.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, open-face, flip-up, industrial helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles, and scooters

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


6. Bell - Starting from Rs. 2000


Bell Helmets is a known brand offering motorcycle, dirt bike, and bicycle helmets. Founded in 1954, they have a rich history in motorsports and are known for their innovative designs, high safety standards, and comfortable fit. 

Their helmets cater to a wide range of riders, from beginners to professionals, and offer various styles and features to suit different needs and preferences. Bell Helmets is a trusted brand for those seeking quality and protection when riding on the road or trails. 

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, snowmobile, half-face, 3/4 helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles and bicycles

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


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7. Royal Enfield - Starting from Rs. 3000


Royal Enfield offers a variety of helmets to suit different riding styles and budgets. Their helmets are known for their classic design, good quality, and reasonable price point. They offer both open-face and full-face helmets, as well as some modular helmets. Their most popular helmets include the Street Prime, which is a full-face helmet with a DOT and ECE certification, and the Squadron, which is an open-face helmet with a DOT certification.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, open-face 

  • Best suitable for: Cruising, city riding, short commutes

  • Wearable by: Men


8. HJC - Starting from Rs. 3499


HJC Helmets, established in 1971 offers high-performance motorcycle helmets at accessible prices. They cater to diverse riding styles with full-face, modular, open-face, off-road, and adventure helmets. HJC provides safety, achieving SHARP, DOT, and ECE certifications across their range. 

Their commitment to innovation is seen in features like advanced ventilation systems, comfortable liners, and aerodynamic designs. HJC Helmets offer excellent value for money, making them a popular choice for riders seeking quality protection and performance without sacrificing affordability.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, open-face helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


9. Shoei - Starting from Rs. 4500


Shoei Helmets, established in 1959 offers premium motorcycle helmets. Known for its advanced technology, like its proprietary AIM+ shell for exceptional strength and lightness, Shoei prioritizes safety without compromising comfort. Their helmets cater to diverse riding styles, with options for sport, touring, off-road, and even flip-up helmets for added convenience. 

MotoGP champions like Marc Marquez choose Shoei, solidifying their reputation for performance and protection. While pricier than some brands, Shoei offers top-of-the-line quality for riders seeking the ultimate protection and a comfortable ride.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, open-face helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles

  • Wearable by: Men, women


10. LS2 - Starting from Rs. 4600


LS2 Helmets, established in 1990, offer safety, value, and innovation for budget-conscious riders. They cater to a wide range of riding styles with full-face, modular, open-face, off-road, and adventure helmets. While prioritizing affordability, LS2 prioritizes safety too, and has DOT, ECE, and SHARP certifications. 

Their helmets include features like quick-release visors, comfortable liners, and aerodynamic designs, without breaking the bank. While they may not have the top-shelf technology of premium brands, LS2 Helmets are a solid choice for riders seeking reliable protection and good value for the price.

  • Types of helmets: Full-face, open-face, flip-up helmets

  • Best suitable for: Motorcycles, scooters

  • Wearable by: Men, women, and children


Why Do You Need a Strong Helmet?

A good helmet is essential for various activities, primarily to protect the head from potential injuries. Here are some reasons why a good helmet is important.

  • Head Protection: Helmets are designed to absorb and distribute the impact energy during accidents or falls. They provide a crucial layer of protection for the skull, preventing or minimizing injuries to the head.

  • Prevention of Brain Injuries: Head injuries can lead to severe consequences, including traumatic brain injuries. Helmets act as a barrier, reducing the risk of brain injuries by absorbing the force of an impact and cushioning the head.

  • Safety in Sports: In sports like cycling, skateboarding, skiing, and motorcycling, wearing a helmet is often a mandatory safety measure. Helmets are designed specifically for these activities to protect against the unique risks associated with each sport.

  • Motorcycle Safety: Motorcycle helmets are crucial for riders as they protect in the event of accidents or crashes. They can prevent or reduce the severity of head injuries, which are common in motorcycle accidents.

  • Bicycle Safety: For cyclists, helmets are essential to protect against head injuries in case of falls or collisions. They are particularly important for children who are learning to ride bikes.

  • Workplace Safety: In certain professions, such as construction or industrial work, helmets are a fundamental part of personal protective equipment (PPE). They protect workers from falling objects and impacts that may occur in a hazardous work environment.

  • Compliance with Regulations: In many situations, wearing a helmet is not just a matter of personal safety but also a legal requirement. Many jurisdictions have regulations mandating helmet use for certain activities to ensure the safety of individuals.


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In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the best helmet brands in India, several factors need to be considered to ensure both safety and quality. Brands such as AGV, Arai, and MT are among the top choices due to their reputation for durability, comfort, and innovative features. While prices may vary depending on the brand and specific model, investing in a high-quality helmet is crucial for protection while riding a motorcycle. 


Steelbird is often regarded as one of the leading helmet brands in India.

Some of the best helmet brands in India that offer safe helmets include Steelbird, Vega, and Studds.

To select the best helmet in India, it is important to consider factors such as safety certifications, size and fit, ventilation, and visibility features.

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