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OkBima 28 Jul 2023


Are you concerned about your bike insurance's expiry date? Don't worry; we've got the perfect solution for you. In this article, we'll show you how to check your bike insurance expiry date online effortlessly. Stay ahead of the game and keep your two-wheeled companion protected by ensuring your insurance is up-to-date. Follow our simple guide and enjoy worry-free rides, knowing you're covered. Let's dive into the details and make the most of digital convenience!


How to Check Bike Insurance Status Online?

Every Bike owner in India must obtain at least third-party insurance, which only covers losses or damages to a third party's property. Contrarily, comprehensive bike insurance covers third-party liabilities and losses or damages to the owner's vehicle.

All bike insurance plans do, however, have an expiration date, and to continue receiving the advantages of the policy, you must renew it on time. As a result, you need to be aware of the policy's stated expiration date for bike insurance. These three techniques make it simple to examine the information on your motorcycle insurance policy online:


Check Bike Insurance status Via  the Insurance Information Bureau(IIB) Website

The Insurance Information Bureau's site has information on the bike insurance policy that is freely accessible. To verify your bike insurance policy's expiration date using this website, follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the Insurance Information Bureau's (IIB) official website.

2. Then, You may locate the "Quick Links" section on the homepage. Select "V-Seva" from this link's drop-down menu. Seeing a form will be made possible by this.

3. Complete the form by entering all the necessary details.

4. After entering the "Captcha” carefully.

5. Then, press the "Submit" button.

It will display your bike insurance online coverage information once you click the "Submit" button. On the other hand, the material on this website is relevant to auto insurance coverage purchased after April 1, 2020. This website does not offer any insurance policies acquired before this date.

The information on this website may also be viewed no more than three times using the same email address and mobile number. In addition, the Insurance Information Bureau's (IIB) website also allows you to view the insurance data by following the two steps listed below:

1. Access the IIB website.

2. You can fill out an application there, and a representative will call you at the number you provided on the form to help.


Check your Bike Insurance status using VAHAN e - Service Portal 

The VAHAN website, run by the Ministry of Road and Transport, keeps track of every motor vehicle insurance policy. Following the steps listed below will enable you to view the last day of coverage of your bike coverage on our website.

1.  Visit the e-services portal "VAHAN."

2. Select the 'Know Your Details' option from the menu to learn more.

3. Enter the verification code and information about your Bike on the following page, including your vehicle number.

4. Click the "Search Vehicle" button now.

The specifics of the bike insurance policy will then appear on your screen, along with the vehicle's expiration date, which is indicated under the "Insurance Upto" column.


Check Bike Insurance Status Via the Insurance Provider

All documentation pertaining to the insurance policies they issue is in the possession of the insurance providers. By entering your insurer's website, you can therefore see when your bike insurance is set to expire. Depending on the insurer, several processes may be required to verify the insurance policy's details. 

By entering the registration number of your bike, most of these websites allow you to verify the expiration date of your bicycle. It can also be done on insurance aggregator sites like


Alternative Methods for Checking Bike Insurance Status

Ensure that your insurance is active to enjoy worry-free driving. Keep yourself safe and ride with assurance. You can simply verify the status of your bike insurance coverage by using the following methods:


Use Email to Check the Status of Your Bike Insurance Policy and Its Expiration Date

Your bike insurance plan copy is provided to you. You immediately acquire the policy when you get bike insurance from digital insurance providers like Okbima. To check the expiration date of your bike insurance, if you choose digital insurers with the aid of Okbima, go to the inbox of the email address you registered.


Use RTO to Verify the Expiration Date of a Bike Insurance Policy

To make obtaining your bike insurance information easier, some Indian states have added a feature to their RTO website. To check the expiration date of a bike insurance policy online, go to the website of the relevant RTO and follow the instructions.


Use the State Transportation Department's Website to Verify a Bike Insurance Policy's Status and Expiration Date

The expiration dates of bike insurance plans can be checked online in several states. When your bike insurance policy expires, visit their transport department's website.


How to Renew a Bike Insurance Plan Online After It Has Expired?

Renewing a Bike insurance policy online after it has expired is a simple and easy process that ensures continuing coverage and compliance with legal regulations. Start by going to the website of your previous insurance provider or a reputable insurance broker. Give information about your Bike, including its registration number and any history of insurance, if any. The online system will then calculate the premium based on your vehicle's age, make, and the coverage options you select.

After checking and confirming the information, make the payment using safe online methods like credit/debit cards or net banking. The insurance provider will conduct your renewal after receiving payment in full, and you will receive the revised policy copy via email or for download.


Why Should You Renew Your Bike Insurance Quickly?

Renewing your Bike insurance quickly is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures continuous coverage, protecting you from financial losses in case of accidents or damages. A lapse in insurance could leave you vulnerable to costly repair expenses or legal liabilities. Secondly, timely renewal avoids the need for vehicle inspections and documentation, making the process smoother and more convenient. Additionally, insurance companies may offer benefits like no-claim bonuses for consecutive years of coverage, which you may miss out on if your policy lapses. By renewing promptly, you maintain compliance with legal requirements and enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind while riding your Bike.


Important Factors to Think About Before Buying or Renewing Bike Insurance Online

Consider these important facts before purchasing or renewing bike insurance online. Making informed choices will ensure that you receive the proper insurance and remain safe while driving. Continue reading to learn things to consider when getting or renewing your bike insurance:

1. Evaluate coverage options to match your requirements for theft, accidents, and third-party liabilities, Understand the different types of coverage available, such as third-party liability, comprehensive, and own damage. Choose the one that provides the level of protection you need based on your Bike's value and usage.


2. Check the insurer's claim settlement process and reputation for customer service:
Look for an insurance provider with a good track record of settling claims quickly and efficiently. Excellent customer service is crucial when you need assistance during the claims process.
3. Compare premium costs from different insurers to find the best value for money:
Obtain quotes from various insurance companies and compare their premiums and coverage features to get the most suitable policy at a competitive price.
4. Review the policy's add-ons and benefits to tailor coverage to your specific needs:
Consider any additional add-ons or benefits offered by the insurer that can enhance your coverage and protect you against specific risks.
5. Verify the policy's renewal process, ensuring it is seamless and accessible online:
Ensure that the insurer's online renewal process is user-friendly and straightforward, making it convenient for you to renew the policy on time.


Your bike insurance will expire if you don't renew it before then, and you could need to purchase a new insurance plan. Checking your policy's expiration date and timely renewal are therefore advised.

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