Can I Claim Car Insurance Without Police Report In India?

By Okbima 18 Jun 2024
can I claim car insurance without police report in India


Yes, you can claim car insurance without a police report in India. However, some insurance companies may need a police report or FIR to process your claim. If you are involved in an accident, it is always recommended to file a police report to document the details of the incident. This can help to start the claims process and protect you in case of any disputes.


Factors To Consider When Claiming Car Insurance Without A Police Report

There are some factors to consider when you want to claim car insurance without FIR such as policy coverage, damage assessment, witnesses, official statements, etc.

  • Policy Coverage: Before filing a claim without a police report, check your car insurance policy to ensure that the incident is covered under the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Damage Assessment: Inspect the damages to your car and assess the damage. Take pictures and collect evidence to support your claim.

  • Third-Party Involvement: If the accident involved another vehicle or third party, make sure to exchange contact and insurance information with them.

  • Witnesses: If there were any witnesses to the accident, collect their contact information as their statements can help support your claim.

  • Official Statements: In the absence of a police report, your insurance company may ask for an official statement from you detailing the events of the accident.

  • Insurance Companies Policies: Different insurance companies have different policies regarding claims without a police report. Make sure to understand your insurer’s requirements and procedures for filing a claim in such cases.

  • Consult a Legal Expert: If you have any doubts or concerns about the claiming process without a police report, consult a legal expert or contact “Our Experts”.


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Alternatives To Filing A Police Report/FIR For A Car Insurance Claim

There are some alternatives to file a police report or FIR for a car insurance claim such as online reporting, mobile app claims, legal assistance, etc.

  • Online reporting: Many insurance companies now provide the option to report claims online through their website or mobile app. This can help for a smoother claims process without the need to involve the police.

  • Mobile app claims: Some insurance companies offer mobile apps that allow customers to easily file and track claims, upload photos of the damage, and communicate with the insurer directly.

  • Third-party surveyors: If filing a police report is not possible or feasible, insurance companies may send a third-party surveyor to assess the damage and process the claim without police involvement.

  • Self-assessment: In some cases, insurance companies may allow policyholders to self-assess the damage to their vehicle and submit photos as proof, eliminating the need for a police report.

  • Legal assistance: In case of a dispute or denial of the claim by the insurance company, policyholders can get legal assistance for a smoother claims process.


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How Okbima Can Help In Car Insurance Claims?

Okbima can help with car insurance claims by helping in many ways like efficient claims processing, documentation & claim support.

  • Efficient Claims Processing: Okbima can make it easier to file a claim by quickly collecting information, submitting documents, and talking to the insurance company for the policyholder.

  • Documentation: Okbima can assist people who have insurance in keeping their important documents together like photos of accidents, police reports, and medical records. This makes it easier to have all the information needed when filing an insurance claim.

  • Customer Support: Okbima has a 24/7 claim support team to answer any questions or worries that policyholders have while making a claim. We can provide help and advice whenever it is needed.


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In conclusion, yes, you can claim car insurance without a police report in India, but you should consider some factors like policy coverage, damages, witness statements, and official statements. You can use alternative options like online reporting, mobile apps, or third-party surveyors. Okbima offers assistance for efficient claims processing & if you need any help, you can contact “Our Experts”.


You typically need your policy number, incident details, and any supporting documents like photos or receipts. Specific requirements may vary based on the type of claim.

The claims process duration varies depending on the complexity of the claim. Standard claims are usually processed within 7-10 business days, but more complex cases may take longer.

Yes, you can track the status of your claim online through our claims portal. You will also receive email updates at key stages of the process.

If your claim is denied, you will receive a detailed explanation. You can appeal the decision by providing additional information or documentation that supports your claim.

Our claims support team is available to assist you. You can contact them via phone, email, or live chat on our website for any questions or clarifications.

No, there are no fees for filing a claim. Your policy covers the claims process, and there should be no additional costs unless specified in your policy.

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