Does Group Health Insurance Cover Infertility? Alternative Insurance Options

By Okbima 11 Jul 2024
does group health insurance cover infertility

Many companies in India offer group health insurance, which provides medical coverage to employees under one policy. However, coverage for infertility treatments is often not included in standard group health insurance plans. To clarify what your policy covers, it's important to check your plan documents or speak directly with your HR department or insurer.


Does Group Health Insurance Cover Infertility?

Group health insurance policies in India do not cover infertility treatments. However, this can vary based on the insurer and the specific policy. Some high-end or customized group health insurance plans might offer coverage for infertility treatments, but this is not common.

To know if a specific group health insurance policy covers infertility treatments, here's what to do to find out about your plan:

  • Check your plan documents (summary of benefits and coverage or certificate of insurance) for infertility coverage details.

  • Contact your HR department or insurance provider directly for clarification.


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What Is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is a type of health insurance plan that provides medical coverage to a group of people under one contract. This group is formed by an organization, most commonly employers offering it as a benefit to their employees.

Alternatives If Infertility Are Not Covered In Group Health Insurance

If infertility treatments are not covered in your group health insurance plan in India, there are many other insurance plans you can explore to manage the financial burden of infertility treatments.

  • Individual Health Insurance Plans with Infertility Coverage: Some insurance companies in India offer individual health insurance plans that specifically include coverage for infertility treatments. These plans may have specific terms and conditions, so it’s important to read the policy details carefully.

  • Maternity Insurance Plans: Some maternity insurance plans might cover infertility treatments as part of their benefits. These plans cover expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth but might also extend to infertility treatments in some cases.

  • Critical Illness Insurance: Critical illness insurance plans generally cover a list of serious health conditions, but some advanced plans might include coverage for infertility treatments. It is necessary to verify the policy details to ensure that infertility treatments are covered.

  • Top-Up Health Insurance Plans: Top-up health insurance plans provide additional coverage beyond the sum insured by your existing health insurance plan. While these plans generally cover hospitalization expenses, checking with the insurer if they extend to infertility treatments is advisable.


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In conclusion, most group health insurance plans in India do not include coverage for infertility treatments. However, there are other insurance choices you can consider to reduce these costs. Individual health insurance, maternity insurance, critical illness insurance, and top-up health insurance plans might cover infertility treatments, depending on what each policy offers.


No, not all employers provide plans with infertility coverage. Coverage availability depends on the employer’s chosen health insurance options.

Review your policy documents, contact your HR department, or speak directly with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your coverage.

Yes, group health insurance plans might offer more comprehensive infertility coverage compared to individual plans, but this is not always the case.

If your plan doesn't cover infertility treatments, consider alternative options like supplemental insurance, savings plans, or financial assistance programs from fertility clinics.

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