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GMC vs GPA Insurance: Differences, Coverage & Which Is The Best?


GMC and GPA Insurance offer different types of coverage and benefits. While both provide insurance for various aspects of life, including health, motor, and home insurance, there are key differences between the two. Let’s know what it is, its differences, what does it covers & which one will be the best for you.


What Is A GPA Insurance Policy?

GPA Insurance Full Form is Group Personal Accident Insurance which offers financial protection in case of accidental injuries or death. It covers individuals within a specific group, such as employees of a company or members of a club. The policy pays a sum insured amount in case of accidental death, permanent total disablement, or other specified injuries. The sum insured and premium amount may vary based on the group size and coverage limits. 


What Is A GMC Insurance Policy?

GMC Full Form is a Group Medical Coverage that covers a group of individuals, such as employees of a company or members of an organization. GMC insurance policies are offered by employers to provide medical coverage for their employees and their families. According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), the number of GMC policies in India has been increasing, more employers are offering group health insurance to their employees.


Differences Between GMC And GPA Insurance Policies

GMC (Group Medical Coverage) and GPA (Group Personal Accident) insurance policies are two different types of group insurance plans that cater to different aspects of health and wellness coverage. Understanding the differences between these two policies is crucial in selecting the most suitable insurance coverage for individuals and organizations.






It covers medical expenses for illnesses and injuries.

It covers accidents and their related expenses, including death, disability, and medical costs.

Policy Type

Health insurance policy.

Accident insurance policy.

Premium Costs

Higher due to broader coverage and higher limits.

Lower compared to GMC due to focusing on specific risks and narrower coverage.

Claim Process

Submitting medical bills and treatment records for reimbursement as per policy terms.

Requires reporting the accident, providing evidence (like medical reports), and following specific procedures mentioned in the policy to claim benefits.

Renewal and Termination

Can be renewed annually with premium adjustments.

Renewable annually, with conditions varying depending on the policy terms.

Offered By

Offered as part of employee benefits packages.

Provided by employers, especially for jobs with higher accident risks.


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What Does A GMC Policy Cover?

A Group Medical Coverage (GMC) policy provides coverage for many medical expenses incurred by individuals insured under the policy like hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, etc.

  • Hospitalization Expenses: Coverage for expenses related to hospitalization, including room charges, nursing expenses, ICU charges, operation theatre expenses, etc.

  • Daycare Procedures: Reimbursement for medical procedures that do not require 24-hour hospitalization but are performed in a hospital or daycare center, such as chemotherapy, dialysis, cataract surgery, etc.

  • Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred immediately before and after hospitalization, such as diagnostic tests, consultation fees, medications, etc.

  • Medical Consultations and Diagnostic Tests: Reimbursement for fees charged by doctors and specialists for consultations, as well as expenses for diagnostic tests like X-rays, MRIs, blood tests, etc.

  • Medications and Drugs: Coverage for the cost of prescribed medications and drugs required during the treatment period.

  • Ambulance Charges: Reimbursement for expenses incurred for availing ambulance services in case of emergency transportation to the hospital.

  • Organ Donor Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses related to organ transplantation, including donor expenses if applicable.

  • Maternity and Newborn Care: Some policies may include coverage for maternity expenses, including prenatal and postnatal care, delivery charges, and newborn care expenses.

  • Alternative Treatments: Depending on the policy, coverage for alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, or Unani may also be included.

  • Dental and Optical Treatments: Some GMC policies may offer limited coverage for dental treatments, vision correction procedures, or optical expenses.

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Depending on the policy terms, coverage for pre-existing conditions may be included after a waiting period.


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What Does A GPA Policy Cover?

A Group Personal Accident (GPA) policy covers many accidental events and their consequences such as accidental death benefit, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, temporary total disability, etc.

  • Accidental Death Benefit: Lump-sum payment to the nominee in the event of the insured's death due to an accident.

  • Permanent Total Disability: Compensation is provided if the insured becomes permanently disabled due to an accident, rendering them unable to work.

  • Permanent Partial Disability: Payment for specific disabilities from an accident that impacts the insured's ability to work or perform daily activities.

  • Temporary Total Disability: Financial support in case the insured is temporarily unable to work due to injuries sustained in an accident.

  • Medical Expenses Reimbursement: Coverage for medical expenses due to injuries in an accident, including hospitalization, surgery, medication, and other necessary treatments.

  • Education Fund for Dependent Children: Provision of an education fund for the dependent children of the insured in case of the insured's accidental death or permanent total disability.

  • Ambulance Charges: Reimbursement of ambulance charges for transporting the insured to the hospital following an accident.

  • Modification of Residence or Vehicle: Financial assistance for modifying the insured's residence or vehicle to accommodate any disabilities from an accident.

  • Cumulative Bonus: Some policies may offer a cumulative bonus benefit, where the sum insured increases for each claim-free year up to a certain limit.


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GMC vs GPA Insurance: Which Policy Is The Best?

Deciding between GMC and GPA insurance depends on your specific needs and priorities. Below, we have mentioned an in-depth analysis that will help you to choose one.

Choose GMC If

  • You want comprehensive medical coverage for many illnesses, injuries, and accidents.

  • You need coverage for hospitalization expenses, pre & post-hospitalization care, daycare procedures, and potentially maternity benefits.

  • You have a family and want to extend health insurance coverage to your dependents (spouse, children, parents - depending on the plan).

  • You value the ability to customize your coverage options in some GMC plans (offered by some employers or insurers).


Choose GPA If

  • Your primary concern is financial protection in case of accidental death or disability.

  • You work in an industry with a high risk of accidents (construction, oil & gas, travel, etc.) and want additional security.

  • You already have the best health insurance plan (individual or another group plan) that covers medical expenses.

  • You're looking for a more affordable insurance option with a limited scope of coverage.


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In conclusion, both GMC and GPA insurance offer their own unique benefits and coverage options. GMC insurance is more comprehensive and tailored to individual needs, while GPA insurance is more budget-friendly and accessible. When determining which insurance provider is the best for you, depends on your personal preferences, financial situation, and coverage needs. If you have any queries, you can consult with “Our Experts”.

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