How to check Bike insurance online?

OkBima 21 Jun 2023
How to check Bike insurance online?

Check that your motorbike insurance is in effect before you hit the road. The claim may be rejected, and fines may apply if your bike insurance has expired. The policy's expiration date can be quickly located online if you've forgotten. For your motorbike, it's vital to purchase an insurance policy, but it's also crucial to renew it on time. 

The insurance expiration date specified on the policy paper can be successfully noted down to do this. However, you may verify it online if you overlook your two-wheeler insurance's validity. The bike insurance expiration date may be easily checked online using the following quick methods.

How To Find Bike Insurance Information Online?

Every owner of a two-wheeler is required by law in India to have a minimum of third-party insurance, which only covers losses or damages to a third party's property. The coverage from damage or losses to one's motor vehicle and third-party responsibility is combined with comprehensive bike insurance, on the other hand.

The fact that each bike insurance policy check has an expiration date and that you, as the bike owner, must renew it on time to continue receiving the policy's benefits is one element that unites them all.

The policy's stated expiration date for bike insurance must be known. There are three simple ways to verify the bike's insurance policy details online:

1. Insurance Information Bureau

2. Using the VAHAN Portal.

3. Using the Insurance Provider

A mobile device or laptop with strong internet access is all you need to find your motorcycle insurance information online. The ways to retrieve information about the policy from all internet sites are as follows:

With the Help of the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

The Insurance Information Bureau's webpage offers information on the bike insurance policy that is freely accessible. To verify your bike insurance policy's expiration date using this website, follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the Insurance Information Bureau's (IIB) website for further information.

2. You may locate the "Quick Links" section on the homepage. Select "V-Seva" from this link's drop-down menu. Seeing a form will be made possible by this.

3. Complete the form by entering all the necessary details.

4. Then, press the "Submit" button after entering the "Captcha."

It will display your bike insurance plan information once you click the "Submit" button. On the other hand, the material on this page is relevant to auto insurance coverage purchased after April 1, 2020. This website does not provide any insurance policies acquired before this date.

By Using the VAHAN Portal

The VAHAN website, run by the Ministry of Road and Transport, keeps track of every motor vehicle insurance policy. As a result, by doing the actions listed below, you may check the expiration date for your two-wheeler insurance plan on this website

1. Visit the e-services portal "VAHAN."

2. Select the 'Know Your Details' tab from the menu to learn more.

3. Enter the verification code and information about your two-wheeler on the next page, including your vehicle number.

4. Click the "Search Vehicle" button now.

The specifics of the bike insurance policy will appear on your screen, including the vehicle's expiration date, which is indicated under the "Insurance Upto" column.

By Using the Insurance Provider

All documentation about the insurance policies they provide is in the possession of the insurance providers. By entering your insurer's website, you can thus see when your bike insurance is set to expire. 

Depending on the insurer, several processes may be required to verify the insurance policy's data. By entering your bike's registration number, most of these websites allow you to verify the expiration date of your bike.

How to Use Email to Check the Status of Your Bike Insurance Policy and Its Expiration Date?

Your bike insurance plan copy is sent to you via email as soon as you acquire the policy when you buy it from a digital insurance provider. To check the expiration date of your bike insurance, if you choose an online insurer, go to the inbox of the email address you registered.

How to Check Your Bike Insurance Policy's Expiration Date Online Using RTO ?

If you're a bike owner and want to ensure that your insurance policy is up to date, you can easily check its expiration date online using the RTO (Regional Transport Office) website. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you with the process:

1. Visit the official website of your state's Regional Transport Office. For example, if you're in Maharashtra, you can visit the Maharashtra RTO website.

2. Look for the option or tab related to "Vehicle Services" or "Vehicle Registration."

3. Click on the option that allows you to check the details of your registered vehicle.

4. You'll be prompted to enter your bike's registration number or other required details. Fill in the information accurately.

5. Once you've entered the necessary details, click on the "Submit" or "Search" button.

6. The RTO system will retrieve the information related to your bike, including its insurance details.

7. Look for the section that displays your bike's insurance policy information, which should include the expiration date.

By following these steps, you can conveniently check your bike insurance policy's expiration date online using the RTO website. It's essential to keep track of your policy's validity to ensure that you have continuous coverage and comply with legal requirements. If you find that your insurance is about to expire or has expired, take immediate action to renew it to avoid any potential legal and financial complications. Remember to double-check the information provided by the RTO and consult your insurance provider for any specific inquiries or concerns regarding your bike insurance policy.

How To Retrieve Your Lost Bike Insurance Coverage Document Online?

Most insurance-related tasks may now be completed quickly and easily, thanks to the digitization of insurance transactions. For example, online applications for misplaced duplicate two-wheeler insurance are quicker and can be processed immediately. Here are the procedures to get a copy of the Check bike insurance policy online from the insurer's website or mobile application.

1. Access the website of your insurance provider.

2. Choose the policy that applies to your bike and select download.

You can download a copy of your insurance policy if you want to hold an actual copy. In India, soft or electronic insurance plans are approved, provided they are saved in an app supported by the government. You may keep official government papers on the DigiLocker software, which government departments and organizations recognize.

Tips to Remember

Your bike insurance policy's expiration date may be verified in a few ways. However, it is quicker and easier to complete the process online. Regarding the bike insurance expiration date, keep in mind the following.

1. The two-wheeler insurance expiration date may be quickly and easily verified online.

2. Checking the status of your bike insurance online is possible in many ways.

3. For easy online access to your insurance information, choose digital insurers.

4. Once the bike insurance plan expires, most contemporary digital insurers send alerts.

5. When your insurance is about to expire, avoid riding your bike.

Is a Paper Copy of the Motorbike Insurance Policy Need to Be Carried?

The Indian Motor Tariff requires every vehicle owner in India to have insurance before driving on public roads. Charges of as much as Rs. 2000 and/or three months in jail may be imposed for failure to comply. However, the IT Act states that digital copies of auto insurance policies kept in DigiLocker are equivalent to paper copies. Because of this, you are not needed to carry a printed copy of your insurance paperwork.

What Occurs If Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Is Not Renewed When It Expires?

If a bike insurance renewal is not completed by the due date, the following penalties will occur.

Penalized By the Law

Due to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all bike owners must have third-party bike insurance to ride on Indian roadways. A monetary penalty of Rs. 2,000 and possibly a maximum of three months in jail may be imposed for the initial violation of breaking this legislation if it is not followed.

Costly Charges as a Penalty

The policy won't guarantee your financial security if you don't renew your bike insurance. You will thus be responsible for covering all costs in an unfortunate accident.


Your bike insurance will expire if you don't renew it before then, and you could need to purchase a new insurance plan. Checking your policy's expiration date and timely renewal are thus advised. If you don't know your bike's registration number, you may still check the expiration date of your insurance policy. You may log into your account using your cell phone number on the insurer's website or mobile app. A copy of the policy document with the expiration date may have been emailed to you.

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