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Best Travel Insurance Policies in India 2024


When it comes to choosing the best travel insurance policies in India, there are several options available for travelers to consider. Some of the top policies include comprehensive coverage, emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and baggage loss coverage. 


Best Travel Insurance Plans As Per Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR)

Travel insurance provides coverage for various potential issues that may arise during your travels. Choosing the best travel protection insurance depends on several factors, such as the cost of the insurance, the purpose of your trip, your age, and the claim settlement ratio. 


Travel Insurance Plans

Claim Settlement Ratio


Digit Travel Insurance


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Future Generali Travel Insurance


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Aditya Birla Travel Insurance


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Cholamandalam Travel Insurance


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Oriental Travel Insurance


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New India Assurance Travel Insurance


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Bajaj Allianz travel insurance


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IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance


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Bharti AXA Travel Insurance


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National Insurance Travel Insurance


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Digit Travel Insurance


Digit Travel Insurance was created to provide you with a worry-free and rejuvenating experience during your overseas journeys, ensuring your safety under any circumstances.

Plan Name


Basic Option

Urgent accidental and medical assistance, delayed or lost check-in baggage, passport misplacement, and disability coverage.

Comfort Option

Immediate medical and accidental care, cancellation of the trip, flight delays, missed connections, baggage loss, and bail bond assistance.


Future Generali Travel Insurance

Future Generali Travel Insurance provides comprehensive coverage to protect you from any unexpected situations that may occur while you are traveling internationally.

Plan Name


Future Easy Travel

Medical expenses, check-in baggage loss/delay, daily hospital allowance, passport loss, financial emergency assistance, and legal liability.

Future Travel Suraksha

Medical expenses, dental sickness, passport loss, check-in baggage loss/ delay, personal accident, flight hijack, and golfer’s hole-in-one celebration.

Future Travel Suraksha Select

Medical costs, hijacking coverage for flights, medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, passport misplacement, and personal liability protection.

Future Student Suraksha

Medical costs, dental care expenses, maternity-related expenses, passport misplacement, treatment for mental and nervous disorders, and personal liability coverage.


Aditya Birla Travel Insurance

With Aditya Birla Travel Insurance, you can fully cover yourself on your overseas trip, as it provides comprehensive coverage against medical emergencies, travel uncertainties, and other potential risks.

Travel Plan Name


Overseas Travel Insurance Plan

Insurance for medical expenses, repatriation, personal accidents, trip delays, passport loss, flight hijacking, check-in baggage loss or delay, as well as coverage for accidental death and disability.

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Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

Cholamandalam Travel Insurance protects against unexpected risks that could disrupt your travel arrangements and result in significant financial losses.

Plan Name


Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Covering medical and dental expenses, ambulatory care services, check-in baggage delays, daily cash for hospital stays, and personal liability protection.

Student Travel Insurance

Coverage for medical expenses, bail bonds, dental costs, check-in baggage loss, passport loss, and repatriation.

Leisure Travel Insurance

Coverage for medical treatment, flight hijacking, dental treatment, passport loss, check-in baggage loss or delay, and financial emergencies.


Oriental Travel Insurance

With Oriental Travel Insurance, you can travel abroad without any concerns, as provides coverage against unexpected events that could potentially ruin your trip.


Plan Name


Overseas Mediclaim – Business and Holiday

Medical expenses, check-in baggage loss/ delay, repatriation of remains, passport loss, personal accident, and personal liability.

Overseas Mediclaim – Employment and Study

Covering medical expenses, personal liability, personal accidents, passport loss, repatriation of remains, and check-in baggage loss or delay.


New India Assurance Travel Insurance

During your international trip, New India Assurance Travel Insurance will ensure sufficient protection against any adverse circumstances.

Plan Name


Overseas Mediclaim (Business & Holiday)

Coverage for medical and repatriation expenses, personal liability, and check-in baggage delay or loss.

Overseas Mediclaim (Employment & Studies)

Coverage includes medical expenses, check-in baggage delay or loss, repatriation expenses, and personal liability.


Bajaj Allianz travel insurance

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance guarantees your protection no matter the distance you travel With a wide range of plans, it accommodates individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Travel Plan Name


Individual Travel Insurance Policy

Coverage includes trip delays, medical expenses, dental treatment expenses, loss of baggage, and personal liability.

Family Travel Insurance Policy

Coverage includes hospitalization, loss of luggage, trip curtailment, trip cancellation, and burglary.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy

Hospitalization, loss of luggage, trip curtailment, and trip cancellation.

Student Travel Insurance Plan

Coverage includes accidents, hospitalization, family visit expenses, incidental expenses, and loss of passport.

Corporate Travel Insurance Plan

Coverage includes medical expenses, dental treatment expenses, accidental injury, loss of checked-in luggage, and hijacking.

Travel Asian Travel Insurance Plan

Coverage includes medical evacuation, medical expenses, loss of checked-in luggage, luggage delay, loss of passport, personal accident, and hijacking.

Bajaj Allianz Bharat Bhraman Travel Insurance Plan

Coverage includes personal accident, permanent total disability, child education bonus, hospital daily allowance, personal liability, and adventure sports.

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IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance

If you encounter any unexpected situations during your trip or while staying abroad, IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance will provide coverage for a diverse range of possible emergencies.


Plan Name


International Travel Insurance

Coverage includes medical expenses, daily hospital cash, check-in baggage loss/delay, financial emergency assistance, and dental treatment.

Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana

Coverage includes personal accidents, medical expenses, repatriation of mortal remains, and maternity expenses for women emigrants.


Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

Bharti AXA Travel Insurance ensures your complete protection, allowing you to fully enjoy your travel experience.


Plan Name


Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Individuals & Families)

Coverage includes personal accidents, medical expenses, passport loss, baggage delay/loss, and compassionate visits.

Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Student)

Medical and dental treatment expenses, study interruption, legal expenses, sponsor protection, and document loss.

Smart Traveller Insurance Policy (Corporate)

Medical expenses, personal accident, passport & documents loss, trip delay/ cancellation & interruption, and flight hijack.

Bharti AXA Travel Assure – Group Overseas Travel Insurance

Emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation, political risk & catastrophe evacuation, and trip cancellation/ interruption/ delay.

Group Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Personal accident, personal liability, and baggage loss.


National Insurance Travel Insurance

When you encounter any unexpected situation that could potentially ruin your trip abroad, National Insurance Travel Insurance is here to help. You have the option to choose worldwide coverage, with the inclusion or exclusion of the USA or Canada.


Plan Name


Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday

Medical illness, personal accident, passport loss, check-in baggage delay/ loss, medical evacuation, and accidental disability.

Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

Medical illness, medical emergency reunion, medical evacuation, and check-in baggage delay/ loss.

Stay Covered on Your Adventure. Buy the Best Travel Insurance Plan!

Can We Travel Without Travel Insurance?

Yes, it is possible to travel without travel insurance, but it comes with certain risks. Travel insurance is designed to provide financial protection and assistance in case of unexpected events or emergencies during your trip. 

Some reasons why travel insurance can be beneficial:

• Medical Emergencies: Travel insurance often covers medical expenses incurred abroad. Without insurance, you may have to bear the entire cost of medical treatments in case of illness or injury.

• Trip Cancellation/Interruption: Travel insurance can reimburse you for non-refundable trip expenses if you need to cancel or cut short your trip due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, death in the family, or other emergencies.

• Lost or Stolen Belongings: If your baggage is lost or stolen, travel insurance can provide coverage for the replacement of your belongings. Without insurance, you may have to bear the cost of replacing your items.

• Travel Delays: Some travel insurance policies cover expenses incurred due to travel delays or cancellations, such as accommodation and meal costs. Without insurance, you might need to cover these costs yourself.

• Emergency Evacuation: In case of a medical emergency requiring evacuation, travel insurance can cover the associated expenses. Without insurance, you may have to pay for these costs out of pocket.

• Personal Liability: Travel insurance can provide coverage in case you accidentally cause harm to others or damage property, protecting you from potential legal costs.


How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Plan?

Choosing the best travel insurance in India involves assessing your specific needs, understanding policy details, and comparing options from different providers. 

Steps to help you choose the best travel protection insurance:

• Assess Your Needs: Consider the nature of your trip, destination, and activities you plan to engage in. Identify the level of coverage you need for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, baggage loss, and other potential risks.

• Coverage Types: Understand the different types of coverage offered, such as medical coverage, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss, and travel delay coverage. Some plans may include additional benefits like coverage for adventure activities, rental car coverage, or coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

• Policy Exclusions and Limitations: Carefully read the policy exclusions and limitations to understand what is not covered. Pay attention to pre-existing conditions clauses, as some policies may not cover medical expenses related to pre-existing health conditions.

• Trip Duration and Frequency: Choose a plan that suits the duration of your trip. Some plans may have restrictions on the maximum trip length they cover. If you travel frequently, consider an annual multi-trip policy, which can be more cost-effective than purchasing a separate policy for each trip.

• Provider Reputation: Research the reputation of the insurance provider. Look for customer reviews and ratings to assess the company's reliability and customer service.

• Emergency Assistance Services: Check what emergency assistance services are included in the policy, such as a 24/7 hotline for medical emergencies or travel assistance.

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What is the Eligibility of Travel Insurance?

Eligibility for travel insurance can vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific type of policy you are considering.

• Age: Most travel insurance policies have age restrictions. Some policies may have an age limit for coverage, while others may offer coverage at higher premiums for older travelers.

• Residency: Travel insurance is often available to residents of specific countries. The policyholder usually needs to be a resident of the country where the policy is purchased.

• Trip Duration: Some policies have restrictions on the maximum duration of a trip they cover. If you plan an extended trip, you may need to look for a policy that accommodates your travel duration.

• Purpose of Travel: The purpose of your trip may affect eligibility. Some policies may have exclusions for certain types of travel, such as adventure sports, high-risk activities, or business travel.

• Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Pre-existing medical conditions can impact eligibility and coverage. Some policies may exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, while others may offer coverage with certain conditions.

• Destination: Certain destinations may be considered higher risk, affecting eligibility and the cost of travel insurance. Political instability, high crime rates, or limited access to healthcare in a destination can be factors.

• Trip Booking Timeframe: Some insurance providers may require you to purchase travel insurance within a specific timeframe after booking your trip to be eligible for certain coverages, such as trip cancellation benefits.

• Health Status: While not always a strict eligibility criterion, your current health status may impact your ability to get coverage, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.



In conclusion, the best travel insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price. It should protect against medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions, lost or stolen belongings, and other unforeseen circumstances. It is essential to carefully read the policy's terms and conditions to understand the coverage and any exclusions. You can contact okbima experts to buy the best travel insurance policy according to your needs.



Can I buy travel insurance after leaving India?

Yes, you can buy travel insurance even after leaving India.


How many days of travel insurance is valid?

The validity of travel insurance varies, ranging from a single day to an extended period, depending on the policy and provider.


How much does travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance varies depending on various factors such as the duration of travel, the destination, the coverage amount, and the traveler's age.


What is basic travel insurance?

Basic travel insurance typically provides coverage for common travel-related emergencies, such as trip cancellations, medical expenses, and lost luggage.


What is the most common type of travel insurance?

The most common type of travel insurance is typically the one that provides comprehensive coverage including trip cancellation, medical expenses, and lost luggage protection.


Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance?

There are several reasons why you need travel insurance, such as protecting yourself against medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions, lost or stolen luggage, and unforeseen events that can disrupt your travel plans.


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