Short-Term Investments Options in India 2023- Okbima
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Short-Term Investments Options in India 2023- Okbima

Marketable securities that can be quickly turned into cash, usually within five years, might be considered transitory or short-term investments. To provide a secure and short-term location to deposit the extra cash, short-term investments or securities are highly liquid assets.

Investments made for the short term are intended to yield sizeable profits in as little as a year or a few months. However, these strategies are more concentrated on covering the costs incurred soon.

Investors who want short-term investing options are typically interested in something other than waiting years to see their money multiply several times. Instead, they seek out rapid and efficient outcomes. Short-term investment strategies can save them in this situation.

One can expect the best returns from short-term investment plans to fulfil their financial goals, but not the kind of significant returns one would get from long-term investment possibilities. Nevertheless, short-term investment plans frequently top seasoned investors' popularity lists due to their decreased risks.

In India, the Best Short-Term Investing Options for 2023

Check out the best short-term investment options for 2023.

Frequent or Recurring Deposits

  •  Tenure

One may create an RD profile for a term of no more than 6 months and no more than 3-month increments for a maximum of ten years. A recurrent deposit system typically has a minimum lock-in duration of one month. Only the original investment and no interest are provided to the depositors in the event that the account is prematurely closed within one month.

  •  Returns

One of the most extraordinary short-term investment plans is the recurring deposit account, which offers the same interest rate as bank FDs. Currently, the interest rate applicable for terms of 12 months or more is 6.5% annually. As of the initial deposition date, the interests will be applicable.


The interest received on the invested sum is included in the taxpayer's income and taxed at the applicable income-slab rate. However, the TDS is subtracted from these short-term investment plans if the interest earned exceeds Rs. 10,000.

Money Market Funds or Accounts

Money market accounts, sometimes called liquid funds, are considered excellent short-term investing options because they are made to provide you with the stability of capital and respectable rewards. In addition, these mutual funds have the lowest risk across mutual funds and the most liquidity, with a 91-day maximum maturity period and no lock-in period.


One may create money market funds or accounts for less than or equal to 13 months.

  •  Liquidity

This choice for short-term investment plans has excellent leverage and can be redeemed quickly.

  • Returns

Money market fund returns are not fixed or guaranteed. MMF currently offers an interest rate of 7% annually. For best results, investors should first decide on their investment horizon and then choose the other investment instruments of these funds according to their maturities.

  • Taxes

In this relatively short-term investment plan, the profits made on the invested funds are added to the investor's income and are taxed accordingly. However, after indexation, the profit on an investment held for more than 36 months is subject to a 20% tax.

Debt Instrument

Another excellent short-term investment strategy is using debt instruments, particularly for risk-averse people. Mutual funds dedicated to debt are an excellent area to invest in since they secure capital while delivering positive results without worrying about market volatility. Moreover, it is a fantastic short-term savings option because it offers up to 10.5% returns.

  • Tenure

There are three types of short-term investment options debt funds based on tenure.

  • Liquid fund

With this fund choice, investments are made in debt and money market securities, with investment instruments having a maximum maturity of 91 days.

  • Ultra-short duration investment

The funds are invested in the money market and debt securities for three to six months in an ultra-short-duration fund.

  • Low-duration fund

The cash is invested in the money market and debt securities for 6 to 12 months under the low-duration fund option.

  • Liquidity

Liquid debt funds offer high liquidity for investments. The highest maturity provided by the liquid funds' investment is 91 days, giving better returns than a savings account.

  • Returns

Due to their low risk and consistent returns for investors, debt funds are considered one of the most significant short-term investment strategies. Debt funds currently give a return on investment of 7-9%.

  • Taxes

Capital gains tax is levied against borrowed funds. The short-term capital gain tax is applicable for capital gains made on a fund held for a minimum of three years. If a fund is kept for over three years, long-term capital gain tax applies to the capital gains made on the investment.

Deposits in a bank

Fixed deposits, usually termed short-term investments or savings instruments, are sums of money that a person deposits in a bank for a predetermined amount of time. The fixed deposit programme is among the safer short-term investment options because it offers a guaranteed return on investment and a fixed FD rate of interest.

  • Tenure

Fixed deposit accounts have terms ranging from seven days, 2 weeks, 30 days, 45 days, and up to 10 years, making them among the safer short-term investment plans. In addition, after a deposit matures, it can be renewed and reinvested.

  • Liquidity

The fixed deposit scheme reduces the risk associated with reinvestment and provides high liquidity on investments.

  • Returns

A set interest rate is offered on investments through fixed deposit accounts, and returns are assured after the fund's lifetime. Fixed deposits currently provide interest rates of 8% to 9% for investments lasting longer than a year. Despite market turbulence, the interest rate on bank deposit schemes remains constant.

  • Taxes

FD is subject to a high-income tax rate of up to 30%, depending on the individual's income category. The accrued interest is subject to taxation as well. Investors cannot claim a tax deduction for fixed deposits.

Deposits for Post-Office Time

Postal time deposits, usually called post office bank deposits, are among the best and safest short-term investment strategies that provide investors with guaranteed returns. India Post offers the programme, particularly well-liked in the country's rural and outlying regions.

  • Tenure

One may open a postal service time deposit account for a tenure of one year, two years, three years, or five years.

  • Liquidity

In the post office programme, interest is charged on the amount deposited annually. The post office programme does not permit early withdrawal before the initial six months have passed.

  • Taxes

The interest payments on the deposit are included in the individual's income and taxed at the appropriate income tax rate for that individual.

Majority-owned Mutual Funds

Large-cap mutual funds aim to generate significant growth in a shorter time by investing only in the equities of huge corporate companies. Therefore, you can receive quick and wise returns from these fantastic little investment programmes during a one- to three-year investment period.

  • Duration

A large-cap mutual fund can be invested in for three to five years.

  • Liquidity

High investment returns are provided to investors with strong liquidity through the large-cap equity investment plan.

  • Returns

Large-cap mutual funds give a high return of 8%–13% while posing as a secure solution for short-term investing.

  • Taxes

Debt funds are subject to capital gains tax. If a fund is kept for three years and capital gains are made, the short-term capital gain tax is applicable. If a fund is kept for over three years, long-term capital gain tax applies to the capital gains made on the investment.

Silver or gold

Gold and silver are beneficial for long-term and short-term investments, much like the pace with the fast-growing trees of an investment forest. With the daily rises in the value of gold and silver, these investment schemes are guaranteed to yield enormous returns. So, you must invest in gold or silver if you want safe and risk-free short-term investment plans and beyond. Remember that these metals' lustre won't disappear any time soon, not today or in the future.

Federal Reserve Notes

Another excellent option for short-term investments offering significant liquidity, security, and gratifying returns is treasury securities or bills. Their maturation periods range from 91 to 365 days.

Securities and derivatives

For those with strong market expertise and a high tolerance for risk, shares, assets, and futures is a suitable options. Depending on the investor's financial goals, this investment may be placed for a brief or lengthy period.


The balance sheets of the businesses with high cash flows include accounts for short-term investments. Businesses with strong cash positions can afford to invest excess funds in bonds, equities, or other financial assets like treasury bills, etc., to earn a higher income than a savings account. Therefore, for individuals and businesses, capital protection whilst generating strong returns on investment is the primary goal of short-term investment plans.

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