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By Okbima 15 Jul 2023


One of India's most well-liked insurance options is term insurance policies. Other names for it include permanent term insurance and permanent life insurance. For a set timeframe, they offer coverage. It can typically be renewed for up to a further ten years.

The beneficiary of a term insurance policy will get the sum guaranteed in the event of the policyholder's death during the policy's term. No maturity amount will be paid to the insured if they live to the conclusion of the policy period. Low premiums are charged for this insurance, which provides extensive coverage.


Best Term Insurance Providers In India

Below, we present a compilation of the finest term insurance plans available in India for the year 2024. These plans have been carefully selected based on their features, benefits, and overall popularity among policyholders. By considering these options, you can ensure that you choose the most suitable term insurance plan that meets your specific needs and provides comprehensive financial protection for your loved ones.


E-Term Insurance Plan from LIC

LIC is among India's top-term insurance providers. Its e-term policy is a pure life insurance non-participating plan that can only be acquired online and excludes middlemen use. A pure life insurance policy implies only the life of the policy bearer.

The sum assured is distributed to the policyholder's dependents if the policyholder passes away while the plan is still in effect. No payment is made to the policyholder, family, or beneficiaries if they live beyond the e-term plan's term.

Specifications of the LIC e-Term Protection Plan

1. You can buy the best term insurance plan online from LIC.

2. Both smokers and nonsmokers pay different premium rates.

3. The sum guaranteed will be reimbursed in the event of the policyholder's death.

4. If, after reading the policy's terms and conditions, the buyer is still unconvinced, he has      30 days from the date of purchase to turn in the policy with justification.

5. The in-person term plan of LIC is more expensive than this.

6. Non-Resident People can also acquire the LIC Online e-Term plan, and as long as they are in the nation for medical examinations, they will be insured even if they are abroad.


IProtect Smart by ICICI Pru

The best term insurance policy in India is available from ICICI. The only plan that pays claims upon diagnosing 34 serious illnesses is the term insurance policy offered by ICICI. An insured person under this plan is eligible for three tax benefits and coverage up to age 75.

Specifications of ICICI Pru's iProtect Smart 

1. The insured's budget can support it.

2. Longer coverage is provided to the insured.

3. The payment is made upon receiving a diagnosis of one of the 34 designated critical illnesses.

4. The opportunity to choose from four payouts is provided.

5. It provides life insurance for people with terminal illnesses like AIDS.

6. The opportunity to add accidental cover benefits now or in the future is provided to the insured.


Shield SBI Smart

If the family breadwinner dies, this straightforward term insurance policy intends to offer financial help to surviving family members.

When an insured person dies, this online term policy pays the agreed-upon amount to the nominee. After the second year, the insurance may be canceled by single premium policyholders. Utilizing a predetermined formula, the surrender worth is determined. There are no benefits to surviving.


The HDFC Click 2 Protect Plus

A substantial quantity of life protection is provided cheaply by HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus, a pure-term insurance product.

Additionally, the insurance provides extras like

1. The option to enhance coverage for significant life events like marriage and delivery.

2. The rider will get accidental death benefits.

3. Pay the claim in a lump sum plus monthly installments.


Plus Online Term Plan by Max

You may protect your loved ones' financial future versus the possibility of death, incapacity, and illness with the help of the online term policy plus from Max Life. The best term program available in India is this one.

Characteristics of the Max Online Term Plan Plus

1. The age requirement to buy the best term insurance plan is 18.

2. There is a 60-year-old age limit for buying insurance.

3. Selection of possibilities for regular income payment

4. Paying for premiums has a few options.

5. On payment of an additional premium, there is an option to add advantages, including accidental death insurance, premium waiver coverage, and critical sickness insurance.


Plan for Aditya Birla Sun Digital Shield

Sun Life of India, Aditya Birla As a non-linked insurance plan, DigiShield Plan is available. According to the customer's needs, a term life insurance plan with affordable premiums must be chosen. Give your family ten alternative Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Plans to choose from, based on their needs, so they won't have to make lifestyle compromises even when you're not there.


Kotak e-Term Insurance Program

An online term life plan called Kotak e- Term Policy offers the insured person's family protection from financial hardship in case of an emergency. Moreover, in the insured's untimely death, this plan offers financial security through inheritance to the policy's beneficiary.


Key Considerations Before Selecting the Best Term Insurance Policy in India 2024

Before finalizing your decision, it is crucial to take into account several factors related to the optimal coverage offered by term insurance plans. Some of these considerations are outlined below:
Coverage and Benefits: Assess the coverage provided by the policy and the benefits it offers. Look for comprehensive coverage that includes protection against critical illnesses, disabilities, and accidental death. Consider the policy's maturity benefits and any additional riders or add-ons available.
Claim Settlement Ratio: The claim settlement ratio indicates the percentage of claims settled by the insurance company. A higher ratio suggests that the insurer is more reliable and efficient in processing and settling claims. Research and compare the claim settlement ratios of different insurers before making a decision.
Premiums and Affordability: Evaluate the premium amount for the term insurance policy. Consider your budget and ensure that the premiums are affordable in the long run. Compare premium rates across different insurers and policies to find the most cost-effective option without compromising on coverage.
Policy Tenure and Flexibility: Understand the policy tenure options available and choose one that aligns with your needs. Some policies offer flexible terms, allowing you to customize the duration and coverage according to your requirements. Flexibility in terms of policy renewal, conversion to other plans, and increasing coverage as per life-stage changes can also be beneficial.
Reputation and Customer Service: Research the reputation and financial stability of the insurance company. Check customer reviews and ratings to gauge their service quality, responsiveness, and reliability. A reputable insurer with good customer service ensures a smooth experience during the policy tenure and at the time of claim settlement.
By considering these key factors, you can make an informed decision and select the best term insurance policy in India that suits your specific needs and offers comprehensive coverage for your loved ones.

How Can You Select the Best Term Life Insurance Plans?

A kind of life insurance called term life insurance offers financial protection in the case of death. The insurer commits to make payments in return for a predetermined premium in a life insurance contract between two individuals, one of whom is the carrier, and the other is insured.

1. The following criteria will help you choose the best term life insurance coverage.

2. Various forms of insurance for life should be compared.

3. Comparing the prices several insurers offer will help you choose an economical plan.

4. Think about how old you are. When choosing the best life insurance plan, age is a significant consideration.

5. Pick a plan that offers a wide range of benefits.

6. Online and offline, compare insurance premiums from several carriers.

7. A high policy duration strategy should be chosen.


How Can You Buy Term Insurance Online?

With the help of Okbima, buying term life insurance online is now straightforward. Visit the Life Insurance Portal and take the following procedures to purchase term life insurance online.

1. Fill out your information, including your gender, your annual income through all sources, your intake of alcohol and tobacco, whether you're employed full-time or freelance, and your date of birth. You must enter your contact information to allow our agent to call you.

2. A screen will now show the premiums from several insurance companies. The coverage period, payment of premiums method, way of settlement of claims, etc., can all be changed before submitting the information to receive the desired premium. Likewise, changes to the needed coverage, payment method, and other variables can also alter the premium.

3. Before filling out the request for data, choose the best term policy and pay the monthly fee to the insurance provider.



A life or term insurance policy is an agreement between an insurer and an insured person that provides financial support in the event of the insured's death. According to the terms of the policy contract, the named beneficiaries are given a sum that is guaranteed by the insurer. It protects the family's interests and offers financial security in case of unanticipated circumstances. Due to its lengthy coverage period, term insurance is perfect for covering both significant costs like a home or education as well as smaller ones like a car repair or broken household items.

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