Who Pays Health Insurance After Divorce? Importance & Coverage During Marriage

By Okbima 05 Jul 2024


Getting health insurance after a divorce in India can be complicated. It's crucial to consider who will pay for it and how it will be included in the divorce agreement. Let’s understand the importance of health insurance post-divorce, how it works when married, and what to consider when getting coverage in India.


Who Pays Health Insurance After Divorce In India?

In India, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to who pays for health insurance after a divorce. Here's how it usually works.

  • Individual Responsibility: Health insurance policies in India are considered individual assets. This means each person is responsible for paying their premiums after a divorce unless a different agreement is reached.

  • Spousal Coverage: Some employers in India might offer group health insurance plans that extend coverage to spouses. If this was the case during the marriage, the coverage for the ex-spouse would end after the divorce.

  • Divorce Settlement: The couple can decide on health insurance coverage during their divorce settlement like one spouse paying for the other's coverage for a certain period, or they could both get separate policies.


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Importance Of Health Insurance Coverage Post-Divorce

Health insurance coverage is important post-divorce in India for many reasons like financial protection, continued access to healthcare, peace of mind, etc.

  • Financial protection: Divorce can be expensive, so having health insurance can help you pay for unexpected medical costs. Without insurance, medical bills can be expensive & have an effect on your financial condition.

  • Continued access to healthcare: Health insurance helps people keep seeing the doctor even after they get divorced. It's especially important for those who were on their spouse's insurance before.

  • Peace of mind: Health insurance gives you comfort in knowing that you are covered if you get sick or hurt. This is especially helpful during tough times like after a divorce.

  • Avoiding denial of coverage: Sometimes, people may be refused or have to pay more for health insurance after getting divorced. It is better to have insurance before getting divorced to prevent this.

  • Protecting children: If kids are part of the divorce, they need to have health insurance so they can get the medical care they need. Make sure children are included in the right insurance plan after the divorce.


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Health Insurance Coverage During Marriage

In India, health insurance coverage during marriage can vary depending on the type of health insurance policy the couple has.

  • Individual health insurance policies: If both partners have individual health insurance policies before marriage, they can choose to continue with their policies even after getting married. In this case, each partner will be covered under their respective policies.

  • Family health insurance policies: Some couples get a family health insurance policy after getting married. This type of policy covers both partners, as well as any dependent children. The policyholder pays a single premium that covers the entire family.

  • Employer-sponsored health insurance: If one or both partners have employer-sponsored health insurance, they can add their spouse to the policy after getting married. This may require informing the employer and providing the necessary documentation.


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Health Insurance Coverage After Divorce In India

After a divorce in India, the health insurance coverage for both spouses will change. Below are some points to consider.

  • Individual Health Insurance: After a divorce, each spouse will no longer be covered under the other spouse's health insurance policy. They will need to get their health insurance policy to ensure continued coverage.

  • Employer-sponsored Health Insurance: If either spouse was covered under the other spouse's employer-sponsored health insurance policy, they will no longer be eligible for coverage after the divorce. They may need to enroll in their employer-sponsored health insurance policy, if available.

  • Child Insurance Plan: If the divorced couple has children, they may need to update their health insurance policies to ensure that the children are covered in the child insurance plan

  • Health Insurance Portability: In India, health insurance policies are portable, which means that policyholders can transfer their existing policies to individual policies after a divorce. This can help ensure continuity of coverage without any gaps.


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In conclusion, health insurance after a divorce in India can be complicated and different for everyone. It's important to know what you need to do, what choices you have, and why it's important to keep health insurance after a divorce. Health insurance during marriage can also be different depending on the policy you choose. If you need any assistance, you can contact “Our Experts”.


Sometimes, a court might mandate that one spouse maintains health insurance for the other as a component of the settlement agreement.

Health insurance coverage and costs may be addressed in the divorce settlement agreement, but it is not mandatory.

If the spouse responsible for providing health insurance fails to do so, the other spouse may need to get their health insurance coverage.

Yes, health insurance coverage for children can be addressed in the divorce settlement agreement, including who will be responsible for providing and paying for it.

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