What is a Cancer cover and why do I require one?

By Okbima 16 Jan 2023 102
What is a Cancer cover and why do I require one?

Cancer Cover

Cancer is one of the world’s most fatal diseases nowadays. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the costliest to cure, and one for which you’re unprepared. Anyone, at any time, can be affected.

If you take a time to think about it, you will undoubtedly recall a friend or family member who has suffered from this dreadful condition. People may now fight cancer thanks to modern science, but the expenditures of treatment and recuperation can put a strain on your finances.

To offset these costs, you’ll need a plan that can provide you with something that most typical health plans can’t: a lump-sum insurance payout if you’re diagnosed with cancer (without any medical bills). This cash payment might help you pay for medical expenses and ensure that you never run out of money. You can spend this money for any treatment you choose, with any doctor and hospital you want, locally or internationally. All of this comes at a very low cost.

I have a Health Insurance, so why should I avail a specialized Cancer Insurance cover?

While having health insurance or a mediclaim plan is crucial, and these policies may cover cancer treatment claims, they are based on hospitalisation bills. Furthermore, some plans may not cover the entire cost of treatment. There are additional restrictions, such as co-payments for treatment, treatment only at network hospitals, and so on.

These constraints are being addressed in new age cancer insurance policies. This policy pays the cover amount when a cancer diagnosis is made, without the requirement for hospital bills to be submitted. As a result, you can use this money to pay for treatment at any doctor or hospital in the United States or abroad. Furthermore, unlike traditional health insurance policies, the premium for this coverage remains constant during the period of the policy.

What are the benefits of Cancer Insurance?

No Claim Bonuses 

Ranges from 10 Lakh to 2 Crore

Lifelong Renewability

Second Opinion, Air Ambulance, and Other International Covers

OPD consultations are included in the comprehensive coverage.

Waiver of premium

Saves Taxes

Are there   any exclusions for the policy?

Sadly, there are. There are some terms and conditions in the policy that limit the coverage, such as:

There is a 90-day waiting period after the policy is issued.

Any disease brought on by the intake of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or cigarettes

Cosmetic surgery, as well as any other type of surgery of this nature.

Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Maternity Care, and Abortion, among other things. 

Any disease or harm caused by the insured’s criminal intent or in violation of the law.

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