Does Health Insurance Premium Change on Renewal?
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Does Health Insurance Premium Change on Renewal?


Since the epidemic, there has been a massive demand for quality health plans as more individuals realize the importance of medical insurance. New policy purchasers of health plans should be aware of the timely renewal procedure and the impending adjustment in the premium charges. Any health insurance premium increase will be covered in this post, one of its most crucial components.


What Causes Annual Premium Increases for Health Insurance?

After having health insurance coverage for a while, you must have noticed health insurance premium increase upon yearly renewal. Even the cost of your health insurance is subject to inflation, which is a harsh truth that no one can escape.

The change, however, cannot be attributed to inflation alone. On top of that, as more and more individuals become vulnerable to lifestyle illnesses, hereditary problems, and other health hazards, the price of healthcare in India only keeps rising. Therefore, these elements and your general state of health, age, and lifestyle choices also influence a more expensive health insurance renewal.


Leading Causes of Annual Changes in Your Premiums for Health Insurance

Your health insurance will probably cost more in the future for various reasons, including inflation. You can still do many things, even if some elements are out of anyone's control. Consider the leading causes of your health insurance premium increase:

Healthcare Price Growth

Inflation in healthcare costs is an unavoidable burden, in addition to the high cost of living. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about rising health expenditures, including those associated with hospitalization, medications, surgeries, diagnostic tests, and other expenses. Therefore, it is only reasonable for your insurer to increase the cost of your health insurance to offset these growing costs.

The bad news is that there isn't much you can do as this immediately relates to medical bills and the needed rise in your sum insured. The best part is that some insurance companies provide renewal reductions and incentives based on your claims history. Contact your provider to determine if these or other benefits are included in your plan (or review your policy paperwork).

When You Get Older

Most individuals have a difficult time accepting the idea of becoming older. Eventually, our physique and strength deteriorate since we can't stay youthful forever. Health insurance premium increases for seniors beyond a particular age must already be well known to you.

The body weakens with age and becomes more prone to illnesses and injuries. It is evident that the insurers will charge more for the protection provided since they assume a more significant risk of paying claims by providing coverage to older individuals. It is usually advised to purchase health insurance as soon as possible when still young for the same reason.

Being careful with the amount of insurance you choose is something you can do instead of trying to reverse the clock and get younger. If you're still reasonably young, you generally do not require a lot of coverage, but, let's say, your plan covers your elderly parents, they might.

Requirements For Your Coverage

Physiological shifts and other circumstances are possible throughout time. You can experience a health problem or enroll in a floater plan covering your spouse or family. Also, you can pay more to get supplemental insurance for various advantages. Your cover will also alter, whatever the situation. It will, consequently, lead to a health insurance premium increase. Your health plan's premium will rise as your coverage or the demand for a more significant sum covered does.

You're Claim History

Before you get health insurance coverage, it is crucial to confirm this. According to the number or amount of claims you file within a given year, some insurers boost the cost of health insurance. However, not all insurers follow this policy, so read the small print when choosing a health plan.

You may always switch to a different insurer if the one you now have raised your health insurance rate in accordance with the number of claims you file. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done with your current insurer about health insurance premium increase because it is a requirement of their policy's conditions if your carrier does so based on the claim history.

The General State Of Your Health

Some insurance companies also consider your self-care habits and the preventative steps you've taken to maintain your health. In addition, many health insurance providers in India consider your efforts to maintain good health through preventative healthcare and general wellness initiatives. 

You can receive rewards for quitting smoking, leading an active lifestyle, working out frequently, losing weight, and other accomplishments. Free health exams, as well as reductions on renewal premiums, are among the rewards and advantages.


How Can Health Insurance Premiums Be Reduced?

Using these elements, the health insurance premium increase can be minimized

  1. Choose the insurer that provides a concession or incentive for renewing your policy. In India, most health insurance providers reward years without a claim with a no-claim incentive.
  2. As you reach particular fitness milestones, like completing step challenges or working out, several health insurance policies in India also give reductions on the renewal rate.
  3. Various insurers offer health insurance wellness programs, and they frequently provide discounts on renewal premiums, an increase in the amount insured, or discounts on exercise classes in specific locations.
  4. Go to a different insurer whose rates are not affected by the amount of coverage you have claimed in a given year.
  5. Don't wait to purchase health insurance. Purchasing a health plan is best done as soon as possible. Also, you won't have to worry about a waiting time if you subsequently decide to file a claim for coverage for any disease.


Is The Amount Insured Enough?

It's possible that you chose the least amount of insurance at the moment you bought it or a more significant amount and now find that your insurance is either inadequate or excessive for your needs.

When your policy is renewed, most insurers provide you the choice of raising your sum insured. If you raise your insured amount, they may ask you why and base their decision on that health insurance premium increase.


Are You Adding Any New Members To The Plan?

You might wish to include your spouse in your medical coverage if you've recently chosen to create a family or recently become single. When you consider these factors, be sure to inform your insurer of any new members.

Another alternative is to switch to a family floater alternative and include family members in your plan, or you may just purchase individual policies for each member.


Are You Planning On Purchasing Add-Ons?

You should also decide whether or not to choose additional add-on coverage when you renew your policy which can lead to a health insurance premium increase. For example, consider this scenario: You may have chosen not to purchase any add-ons to your plan up to this point, but you would like to choose the pregnancy and neonatal infant insurance now. When your healthcare insurance plan is renewed, inform your insurer and include it there.


Are You Satisfied With Your Current Health Insurer?

Customers who are dissatisfied with their current insurer switch health insurance coverage. It may be a result of the advantages of the coverage or just because of how it operates and how things are done.

Porting is only possible during renewal, though. A minimum of 45 days before the policy's expiration date must pass before you inform your existing insurer of the change so that they may make it. Examine and evaluate medical insurance policies online. If you're unsatisfied with your current insurer, switch to the policy and insurer that best suits your needs.


Would You Like Your Insurance Coverage To Change?

You should now evaluate your medical insurance policy to see whether you would like to make any more changes to your coverage, aside from changing your sum covered and choosing new covers.

Examples include Consider a scenario where you first chose a basic insurance package and now want to switch to a comprehensive strategy with additional advantages. In this situation, you can ask your provider if you can modify your plan preference and take the necessary action when your health insurance is renewed.



Never wait until the policy expires to examine and renew your medical insurance. A decent way to approach it is to begin after 45 days. Of course, you won't lose any perks or benefits associated with renewing in this manner.If you don't extend your plan before the insurance expires, the renewal incentives and any special incentives won't be eligible. So first, check your policy to determine what perks your insurer gives for renewal. Then, to guarantee you receive them, renew your health insurance on time.

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