Can Health Insurance Be Ported? Benefits & Factors To Consider

By Okbima 17 Jun 2024


Health insurance portability allows policyholders to transfer their current health insurance policies from one insurer to another without losing any accumulated benefits. This offers advantages like seamless coverage, flexibility, and the ability to switch to a more favorable insurance provider. Let’s understand its benefits & some factors to consider.


Can Health Insurance Be Ported?

Yes, health insurance can be ported in India. This means you can switch insurance companies while keeping your existing policy's benefits. Here are some points about health insurance portability.

  • Benefits: You can carry forward the waiting period served for pre-existing conditions and other accrued benefits like a no-claim bonus (NCB) to your new insurer.

  • Types of Policies: You can port individual, family floater, or even group health insurance plans (when leaving the group).

  • Portability Timing: You can only port your policy at the time of renewal.

  • New Insurer's Role: The new insurer has to honor the waiting period credit and insure you for at least the sum insured amount in your old policy.


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Benefits Of Health Insurance Portability

There are many benefits of health insurance portability in India such as the choice of insurer, continuity of coverage, better customer service, etc.

  • Choice of insurer: Health insurance portability allows policyholders to switch from one insurance provider to another without losing any benefits or coverage. This provides more choice and flexibility to policyholders in terms of selecting the best health insurance companies in India that suit their needs.

  • Continuity of coverage: Health insurance portability ensures continuity of coverage, as policyholders can seamlessly transfer their existing policy to a new insurer without having to serve any waiting period again. This helps in avoiding any gaps in coverage and ensures that policyholders are always protected.

  • Better customer service: By allowing policyholders to switch insurers, health insurance portability encourages insurance companies to provide better customer service and value for money to retain their customers.

  • Increased transparency: Health insurance portability also promotes transparency in the insurance sector, as policyholders are encouraged to compare different insurance plans and providers before making a decision. This helps in making an informed choice and ensures that policyholders get the best value for their money.

  • Flexibility to switch: Health insurance portability provides policyholders with the flexibility to switch insurers if they are not satisfied with their current provider or if they find the best health insurance plan in India elsewhere. This flexibility allows policyholders to make changes as per their needs and preferences.


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10 Common Factors Affecting Health Insurance Portability

There are some factors to consider which are affecting health insurance portability such as age, pre-existing medical conditions, claim history, etc.

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions: Insurance companies may deny portability if the individual has pre-existing medical conditions as they may have a higher risk to the insurer.

  2. Age: Age plays an important role in determining health insurance portability. Older individuals may find it difficult to port their insurance due to higher risks associated with age.

  3. Timely renewal of policy: Timely renewal of health insurance policy is important for portability. Non-renewal or lapse in policy can affect the portability process.

  4. Claim history: Individuals with a history of multiple claims or high claim amounts may face difficulties in porting their health insurance.

  5. Waiting period: Insurance companies may have a waiting period before covering pre-existing conditions or specific treatments for individuals getting portability.

  6. Premium payment history: Regular payment of premiums and a good premium payment history can positively impact health insurance portability.

  7. Insurance company policies: Different insurance companies may have varying policies and criteria for health insurance portability, which can affect the process.

  8. Documentation: Proper documentation and submission of required documents are essential for a smooth health insurance portability process.

  9. Policy terms and conditions: Understanding the terms and conditions of the existing policy and the policy offered by the new insurer is important for health insurance portability.

  10. Regulatory guidelines: Health insurance portability in India is governed by IRDAI guidelines, and insurers must comply with these regulations, which may affect the portability process.


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In conclusion, health insurance portability in India allows policyholders to switch insurance providers without losing benefits or coverage. Factors like age, pre-existing conditions, and timely renewal can impact the process. Understanding the benefits and choosing a provider like Okbima can ensure continuity of coverage with comprehensive benefits and affordable premiums.


Yes, depending on the insurance provider, many plans can be transferred to a new state.

Yes, many employers offer options to transfer health insurance coverage when starting a new job.

Yes, many insurance companies allow policyholders to switch to a different plan while maintaining continuous coverage.

Yes, most insurance plans allow for family members to be added to the policy without losing coverage.

Yes, policyholders can typically renew their health insurance coverage without interruption by porting their existing plan.

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