Best Health Insurance in India 2023

OkBima 19 Jun 2023
Best Health Insurance in India 2023

Picking the best health insurance plan out of the various options offered by health insurance providers can be challenging for many customers. Therefore, we will simplify your life by listing the best health insurance in India 2023. An essential item is health insurance, much like term life insurance. 

However, you must only get life insurance if there are financial dependents. With regard to health insurance, however, this is not the case; given that nobody can predict when they will need to be admitted to the hospital due to sickness, everyone should have it. An ever-increasing rate of medical inflation is currently being seen. It is often difficult to pay for hospital expenses from your savings. Your savings might be lost after a week of treatment in a big metropolis. In light of this, people must start thinking about getting health insurance.

Best Health Insurance Plans in India

The greatest health insurance plan might be tough to pick from among the various health insurance providers, yet, for many. The top health insurance policies in India are detailed in the following paragraphs. Here are a few best health insurance plans in India 2023.

Aditya Birla Active Assure Diamond Plan

A health insurance plan with a low cost that provides several advantages and extensive insurance coverage is the Aditya Birla Active Assure Diamond Plan.

The plan provides complete health insurance coverage. If the sum insured and the no-claim incentive/super no-claim bonus are used up, the insurance policy offers the option to replenish the sum insured. According to this coverage, an insured person can receive up to 150% more insurance money (up to a maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs) if they end up in the hospital with a different ailment. 

The plan provides up to 180 days of post-hospitalization coverage and a 60-day pre-hospitalization benefit. Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha, holistic method, and homeopathy are just a few of the complementary and alternative medicine practices covered by the plan. In addition,the plan covers a second opinion from a doctor affiliated with a hospital in the network in cases of acute disease like cancer, cardiac arrest, or renal failure.

It also includes individualized coaching from a medical expert who will advise the insured person if they have diabetes, asthma, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, or any other medical condition.

Royal Sundaram Health Lifeline Supreme

Lifeline Supreme, an extensive health insurance plan offered by Royal Sundaram, offers yearly physicals, wellness, health benefits, a different opinion in the event of a severe sickness, and other perks.

Five lakhs, ten lakhs, fifteen lakhs, twenty lakhs, and fifty lakhs rupees are available as insured sum amount possibilities under this plan. In addition, the plan offers reimbursement for medical expenditures incurred before hospitalization for a covered sickness for a period of 60 days and for a period following hospitalization for a covered period of 90 days. 

A no-claims incentive of 20% to entirely of the insured amount is offered upon plan renewal. The no-claim incentive is kept in place even if a claim is made. Up to Rs. 30,000 is even covered by the plan for the cost of alternative medical practices, including Unani, Ayurveda, Siddha, and homeopathy. 

For the diagnosis and treatment of 11 severe conditions, the plan will pay the costs associated with consulting with a different specialist for a second opinion.

 Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus Policy

Your health insurance costs are reasonable with the Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus Plan. Although the price is low, the range of features is extensive. This program also offers wellness packages, premium discounts, and prizes for good health.

According to the insurer's requirements, the plan allows for a choice of four sums insured: Rs. 4.5 lakhs, Rs. 5.5 lakhs, Rs. 7.5 lakhs, and Rs. 10 lakhs. A pre-hospitalization cover of up to 60 days is provided under the plan, and a post-hospitalization coverage of up to 180 days is provided following hospitalization.

Additionally, the health insurance plan provides coverage for international emergency medical care. The insured can use this feature up to the amount covered when going overseas, and the insurance company will refund them subsequently. Furthermore, this plan gives an annual compensation of Rs. 2,000 for outpatient expenditures, including pharmaceutical costs, doctor's visits, and other similar costs.

Optima Restore Health by Apollo Munich

Choose Optima Restore, a cutting-edge health insurance program to protect your family. A restore benefit is included with this policy, which, if any family member uses up the whole sum covered, instantly restores it.

The spouse, dependent children, parents with dependent children, and parents-in-law are all covered under the family form of this plan, which also includes the proposer. If you stay in the hospital for a more extended time, the plan will pay your medical bills.

The plan covers a pre-hospitalization period of up to 60 days, and a post-hospitalization period of up to 180 days is provided after admission. This plan automatically restores the base amount covered if the fundamental value insured and the additional benefit are unavailable. It can be obtained annually.

If the insured meets the average step objective within the allotted period as per Apollo's mobile app, the plan reduces the upcoming insurance renewal. It is an exclusive price cut for being active. In addition, the plan gives a bonus of 50% to 100% of the insured amount at the time of policy renewal for each year without a claim, in accordance with the multiplier benefit.

The bonus will be reduced by 50% of the amount covered if a claim is made or processed after renewal.

Top Factors to Consider When Buying Health Insurance in India

More people are choosing health insurance policies due to the growing expense of medical treatment daily. Before selecting the best health insurance in India 2023, you should take into account the following things if you're one of the people seeking a cheap health insurance option:

The Claim Process

When picking a health insurance plan, you should consider the claim procedure. A key consideration when selecting a health insurance strategy is the claims procedure. Knowing how each business handles claims before enrolling is crucial because the procedure might differ from plan to plan. It's important to confirm how swiftly and effectively the organization handles claims. A competent business will have procedures in place that not only make it simple for you to have a claim settled as quickly as possible but also take into account the particular requirements of every client.

Cost of Insurance

You should consider your health insurance plan's level of coverage. Before enrolling, it's crucial to know what sort of coverage you'll be receiving because it might vary depending on characteristics like age and gender. If you pay a monthly payment, you should consider the quantity of coverage you receive. This decision needs to be made in light of the extent of your anticipated medical needs and the cost of paying for them.

Renewal for All Time

Most insurance providers provide lifetime renewals, meaning there won't be any more fees after the initial payment. You just have to make a single payment every year. These programs enable you to reduce your monthly expenses, making this one of its finest advantages.

Hospital Networks

Another aspect to consider when selecting an insurance plan is whether the hospital network covers all of the main hospitals in your region. If they don't get treatment, there may be challenges if something happens while you're there. When there is time for therapy or surgery, this might cause delays that could cause problems.

Why Purchase the Finest Health Insurance Policy?

Given the escalating healthcare cost, buy health insurance that will pay for your medical expenses is essential. In addition, medical insurance policies shield you and your loved ones from expensive medical expenses and allow you to live a secure and joyful life.

In India, Whose Health Insurance is the Best?

At Okbima, we've extensively researched to recommend the best health insurance policy to pay for your medical costs, including nursery costs, critical illness treatments, coronavirus treatments, and other related expenses.


Medical expenditure coverage is offered by the best health insurance plans in India. These include pediatric services, hospitalization, maternity and neonatal care, laboratory tests, and other medications. It's essential to assess your needs and insure yourself carefully. It is important to carefully read any policy before purchasing it. 

Critical factors that must be thoroughly investigated include the amount promised, the illnesses that network hospitals deal with, the process for settling claims, etc. You might not need the same strategy that works best for someone else. As a result, pick the best plan that will benefit you and is the greatest fit for your needs.

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