Benefits of Multi-Year Health Insurance Plans
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Benefits of Multi-Year Health Insurance Plans


The rising medical care expenses and health risks among individuals of all ages are significant threats, and a health insurance policy is a crucial defense. Paying recurring payments to get health insurance can be costly and may be unneeded by some people. No other financial tool, however, may be as helpful as coverage for health care when an emergency medical problem arises. 

The many kinds of health insurance plans offered include multi-year health insurance plans, which many people may find ideal. The cost for this type of plan, also known as long-term health insurance, must be paid in full just once, and it is then suitable for several years. 

Getting a long-term insurance policy for health care can be beneficial in many ways, but there may also be disadvantages. Continue reading to learn the benefits and drawbacks of health insurance for extended periods.


Buying a Multi-Year Healthcare Insurance Plan's Benefits

Typically, 2 or 3-year insurance terms are offered for multi-year health plans. Consider these incredible advantages of multi year health insurance plans:

Benefit from Long-Term Policy Discounts

You may benefit from a long-term insurance discount by buying a good health plan for several years. By choosing a 2-year policy duration, most insurance firms give up to 10% discounts. The same applies to purchasing a 3-year insurance policy; you may save up to 15% on your premium.

By choosing a 2-year coverage, you may cut your yearly health insurance price from Rs. 600 to Rs. 540. Similar to the previous example, your premium can be reduced to Rs 510 annually if you choose a multi-year coverage of three years.

Having to Renew the Policy Each Year Is Not A Hassle.

You must renew the policy yearly always to have access to medical care when an annual health care plan covers you. You will be left on your own in the case of an illness or injury if you don't timely renew your policy, which will result in losing your head coverage. 

Furthermore, if your policy has a gap, you would also lose the continuity advantages, such as long wait times and the cumulative benefit. But when you buy a multi-year policy, you won't have to worry about keeping your insurance due date each year in mind. In addition, you don't need to worry about saving money yearly to cover the cost. Instead, simply cover your premiums for three years when the insurance is purchased, and you may relax for the following several years.

No Chance of Yearly Premium Increases

Due to inflation, health insurance rates may unexpectedly increase. A premium rise is also more likely as you get older since you are more likely to experience age-related problems. Also, there is a chance that the premium may go up because of the ongoing COVID-19 threat.

However, the premium is fixed for three years of a multi-year policy. Therefore, you are not permitted to pay a more significant premium for those three years, regardless of how the world around you changes. As a result, you avoid the yearly premium adjustment and make considerable financial savings.

Pay the Premium Using Simple Emis

The premium for your multi-year medical insurance plan may also be paid in installments, similar to an annual health policy. So having to plan the premium payment for three years at once is avoided. Instead, the payment may be made at any frequency, according to insurance firms.

  1. Thus, you can pay the premium for your multi-year coverage in yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly installments.
  2. Each Year, Benefit from Tax Advantages
  3. On the premium amount comparable to an annual policy, you may also take advantage of tax advantages for a multi-year medical insurance policy. However, the 3-month premium cannot be claimed in a single year. Instead, according to government regulations, you can collect a percentage of the overall premium amount each financial year.
  4. For instance, per Section 80D of the IT Act, if you paid a multi-year medical policy premium of Rs 54,000 over three years, you can claim a tax refund or deduction of Rs 18,000 for each of the following three financial years.
  5. But, before purchasing a multi-year health insurance coverage, research the terms and circumstances of the current tax law.


Purchasing Multi-Year Health Insurance Has a Few Drawbacks as Well

Here are a few drawbacks you might face when buying multi-year health insurance:

It Might Be Challenging to Port

You must remember signing up for several years with one insurance provider when choosing a multi-year health insurance policy. Therefore, you may not be allowed to transfer insurance companies mid-term if you're dissatisfied with your current insurance company. 

You would have no choice but to rescind your health insurance coverage in such a situation. No assurance can be given that your premiums will be refunded. Hence, one should always do extensive study before purchasing a long-term plan.

The Calculation of Accumulated Bonuses May Be Challenging.

For those unfamiliar, the accumulated bonus is a provision that increases the sum insured for the policyholder when they maintain no claims during the policy's duration. According to its name, the cumulative bonus builds up over time. As a result, the bonus % rises for every year you do not submit a claim. 

Yet, determining your cumulative bonus under a multi-year health insurance plan could be challenging. Therefore, clarifying this problem with your insurance company is strongly advised. Your choices and spending capacity will determine whether a multi-year plan suits you. 

A multi-year health insurance plan can be ideal if you have the money to pay a lump sum premium and don't mind not having your policy renewed every year. When purchasing a health insurance policy, make sure to get in touch with a financial counselor and ask for professional advice. In addition, a solicitation is made regarding insurance. Before purchasing, please read the sales booklet to get more information on the advantages, restrictions, limits, terms, and conditions.


Should You Invest in a Multi-Year Health Insurance?

It should not be surprising that the insurance industry has recently experienced expansion at an unprecedented rate, given the severity of the country's health crises. According to the most recent report by the Swiss Re Institute, India will rank as the sixth-largest insurance market in the upcoming ten years. 

This expansion is being efficiently facilitated by insurance coverage, recognized as a key pillar of the industry. According to the Health Insurance Industry in India 2022 research, the Indian medical insurance industry, estimated at INR 1,886.25 Billion in FY 2021, is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.12%.

The epidemic that hit the world has made people more aware of its value, leading to this rise. Covid instances have decreased recently, but the fallout still looms large in our minds. One such troubling indicator is the growth in health concerns across all age groups. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your health insurance policy at all times since the financial hardship brought on by serious medical illnesses can significantly impact savings.

It is time to switch to a multi-year health plan if you are extending your health coverage policy every year or planning to get a new one. The main benefit is that you may avoid hassle-filled yearly renewals and increase your savings. The advantages of purchasing long-term health insurance coverage are listed below.


Choosing Multi-Year Health Insurance Would Be a Wise Decision

Everyone has been familiar with the proverb "health is wealth" for as long as they can remember. It is true since poor health will force you to spend money in ways you could never have imagined. Health insurance, thankfully, provides us with a safety net. Nevertheless, is your policy adequate? It appears, however, that maintaining protection is critical given the escalating expense of healthcare. Multi-year health insurance plans come into play in this situation.

As the name implies, this health insurance category provides coverage for at least two years. The payment, in this instance, is paid upfront for the whole term of the coverage. Also, thanks to this, you won't need to extend the coverage year.



There are several advantages to having a multi-year health insurance policy. In addition to making significant financial savings, you will save the headache of renewing the insurance year. So, switch from yearly health insurance policies to a multi-year plan at your next renewal instead.

The coronavirus has shown individuals the need to have reliable health insurance coverage to protect them in case of emergency medical care. Even if a typical health plan accomplishes all the right things, owning a multi-year plan covers you for longer. A bigger sum promised is also advised since it guarantees you will receive the best care possible without experiencing any interruptions.

Always compare several plans' characteristics online, comprehend the terms and conditions, and make an informed judgment before deciding on one. Then, before renewing, shop around online for the best rate by comparing several health plans on

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