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A travel insurance plan protects you from all types of travel and medical crises, whether you're travelling within India or beyond. A travel insurance plan can be purchased from any general insurance provider in India and tailored to the place and type of trip being performed. Medical expenses are covered differently in different travel insurance policies depending on the country to which the travel is being done.

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Travel insurance is made mandatory by government of various countries. That is, you cannot visit the country without having any travel insurance.

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Why there is a need of Travel Insurance?

The main purpose for purchasing travel insurance is to receive aid in the event of personal accidents, sickness, hijacking, theft, personal responsibility expenditures, or any other travel-related concerns while visiting a new destination. Having a comprehensive travel insurance policy means that you don't waste time worrying about unexpected events and that you have a safe journey abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Family travel insurance: This plan covers two adults up to the age of 60 and their two children up to the age of 21.
  • Student travel insurance plan: This plan is available to students between the ages of 16 and 40 who are studying abroad for their higher education.
  • Senior citizen travel insurance plan: This plan is for people over the age of 85.
  • Schengen travel insurance plan: Adults must be at least 70 years old and infants must be at least 90 days old to be eligible for Schengen travel insurance.
  • Schengen travel insurance plan: Adults must be at least 70 years old and infants must be at least 90 days old to be eligible for Schengen travel insurance.

Travel insurance is made mandatory by government of various countries. That is, you cannot visit the country without having any travel insurance. Some of the countries have the norm of having health coverage too in your travel insurance policy. So you need to have travel insurance policy before even you pack your bags for that awaited international trip.
Travel insurance is needed not just for international trips but for the trips made within the country as well. Like international travel insurance, you can choose the coverage for trip to be made within the country, depending upon your needs and the place you are planning to visit.

Documents Required

  • Original boarding pass or ticket
  • Copy of passport with travel dates
  • Claim form
  • Original bills, receipts, and vouchers
  • Medical claims – doctor's notes, original admission/discharge card, bills with medications
  • Details of any compensation granted by airlines, if any
  • Emergency travel certificate and new passport copy (in case of passport loss) (in case of loss of checked baggage)
  • A letter from the policyholder explaining why the trip was cancelled;
  • A copy of the cancelled check

Claim Process

  • In the event of an emergency during your travel, contact your insurance company by phone or email.
  • To contact them, utilise the insurance company's contact information, such as a toll-free number or an email address listed on the policy page.
  • A Claims Service Representative will assist you with registering the claim, understanding the claim filing process, and obtaining the necessary supporting documentation for that specific policy.
  • Fill out the claim form completely and submit it along with the supporting documentation.
  • A surveyor hired by the insurance company will analyse the paperwork. • After the examination, the company will determine whether to accept or reject the policy.


Is purchasing travel insurance required?

Yes, you must purchase travel insurance before departing. Second, certain nations require abroad travel insurance in order to receive a visa. Even in circumstances where it is not required, purchasing adequate travel insurance is vital while travelling for business, vacation, education, or research. The expense of medical treatment in the destination country may be prohibitively expensive, or travel dangers and accidents may occur. Before embarking on a vacation, it is critical to purchase adequate travel insurance to protect the traveler's interests and keep his financial situation in check.

Is it required to obtain prior clearance from the insurance company before beginning medical treatment if it becomes necessary?

It is critical to read the policy documents in order to be informed of such situations. In most circumstances, prior approval is required, though there may be exceptions based on the nature of the emergency.

Is it possible to extend the duration of travel insurance?

Please read the policy materials carefully before purchasing it. Some policies, particularly abroad travel insurance coverage, allow for one or two extensions.

What is a TPA (Third Party Administrator)?

A Third Party Administrator serves as an intermediary between the policyholder and the our company. It is the person who handles claims on behalf of the insurance. As a result, having the contact numbers and other details of the third-party provider is always required, as this will be the only point of contact if any unanticipated difficulties arise during the course of travel.

Is it possible to get a refund if the trip is cut short?

In such situations, it is critical to keep all self-explanatory records and proofs. We do issue refunds after removing some policy-related administrative charges. However, it is critical to examine policy texts for such claims.

When does the cover start?

The Insurance Coverage begins on the day designated in the Policy Schedule, or when you board the conveyance to depart for your onward international voyage, or the Contracted Departure Date as stipulated in the policy, whichever comes first.

When does the policy expire?

Although we provide the benefit of Automatic Extension of the Policy if the completion of the insured journey is delayed solely due to a failure of public transportation or other services on which the insured was reliant, Insurance Cover shall terminate
(i) when the insurance period is over or
(ii) when the insured person first disembarks on return to India.

Is it necessary for me to bring the policy with me?

When travelling, it is recommended that you have the insurance with you. This will come in helpful if a claim is filed. Most importantly, the insured should be aware of policy data like as policy number before travelling.

Where can I receive all of the requisite medical exams?

Although there is no set list of doctors, clinics, hospitals, or labs where medical exams can be obtained, we have our own list of hospitals where medical exams can be obtained, and these tests must be certified by a doctor M.D. for all firms.

What kind of medical examination is required?

The we normally ask for three tests, such as an ECG, a urine test, and a blood sugar test, however the tests necessary may vary based on the type of case.

Is there any need for pre-approval before hospitalisation if medical treatment is required?

You would need to contact our third-party administrator, who would handle the cashless medical treatment claims. You can still ask for reimbursement of your medical expenditures if the cashless facility is disallowed for whatever reason.